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In response to: Lynden

Michael R. LeBlanc [Visitor]
I just found out today about Lynden's death (3-8-07) and I was devestated. I had been visiting with Lynden for the past year on and off. The last we spoke on line and the phone was 2/12/07 of this year. I am at a loss for words. He was such a nice young man, very intelligent, and just a kindred spirit.
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In response to: Lynden

Ricky [Visitor]
Who says Lyndon wasn't taking asthma meds? Even with the best of medicines sometimes people die of asthma. It will take an autopsy to know what he died from anyhow.
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In response to: Lynden

chadright [Visitor]
Thank you for your thoughtful piece about Lyndon. He sounds like he was a wonderful guy. However, what distresses me is that he died of asthma. That is entirely avoidable today. I know from personal experience. I can only wonder why he did not get the treatments which would have allowed him to lead a long, rich life for himself and others.
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In response to: David and I

Alex [Visitor]
I agree Hilary is unelectable but the Right Wing is going to go after any Democrat that wins the White House. Even though she sounded crazy all those years ago, Hilary was correct when she said on the Today Show that there is a "vast Right Wing conspiracy in this country." They want the power and will do whatever it takes to maintain it. Look at the botched recovery in New Orleans. Good, presumably democratic voters like yourself have moved on to other places and their slow recover will turn this state red for the very first time. Meanwhile, Mississippi, a red state, has had a much easier time getting national funding and assistance in the wake of the storm. It is dark, its very dark.
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In response to: Netflix for Porn

Ed [Visitor]
I would HIGHLY recommend over Believe me, I've done a comparison and nymmedia has superb service. The site is very user-friendly, users can provide feedback and reviews on films, and I've found it to have a great selection. Turnaround time is very efficient. I believe they may have multiple distribution centers.
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In response to: Gloryhole Design

DBEAR [Visitor]
Make sure to ask him if he want to try it out when he finishes.
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In response to: Editing Porn in a Drug-Induced Haze

Mike [Visitor]
hey how can i get into a video like this? do u ever do amatuer vid's? If I could hide my identity I'd love to cause all i do is fuck my hand!
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In response to: Delusional King George

James A Pacella [Visitor] ·
To give some support to what I said , here's a few items.

Here's a story from England about what is being taught at mosques (stories like these are flooding out of Europe lately)

This is the first 10 minutes of a widely respected Documentary which warns about the cohesive religously-based Jihad

And finally, this is a map of all attacks that were done in the name of Islam since 2003 through today

4,454 attacks, 28,900 dead.

I only provide this stuff so that those who might think my comments are too bizarre to be real can investigate on their own.
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In response to: Delusional King George

Vince P [Visitor] ·
You know I hate to say this, but George Bush is about the only politician who actually articulates, somewhat, the scale of the threat we face. "Ideological struggle", "The long war", "calling of our generation".

He's exactly right. To find a historical context that is similiar to tday, you have to go the years between the founding of Islam and the Crusdaes, when Islam spread wildly by the sword out of arabia from India to Spain in about 100 years. Or when the Ottoman Caliphate was at the Gates of Vienna and only prevented from breaching into Europe by Poland.

The past 200 years of Islamic dormancy is over. Islam has gone through a theological revival and is now completely reenergized. The Jihadis are the REFORMISTS.

I'm fairly certain that they do not like gay porn (I on the other hand love it).

I see no one in the Democratic Party who gives any indication of realizing just how profoundly different the world is right now and how rapidly it is changing and how incredibly at risk we are from being destroyed (seriously).
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In response to: Hold Hands and Exhale

Vince P [Visitor] ·
You do realize it's the M.O. of the Islamic religion to spread until everyone is subject to it. It's in the Koran, it's in the Hadith, it's in the Sura. It's the example Mohemmed set for Muslims, who are to emulate him as he is the "perfect man".

That is why all the borders of Islam are bloody today. The Islamic Revival has it roots to the late 1800s and as early as the 1940s, the United States was identified as the main obstacle to their plans.

Give George a break, in the future when everyone is more aware of the Jihad you'll wish he did more.
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In response to: Birthday Boys

jim [Visitor]
Welcome to the south my friend. I feel honored that you have moved here to Atlanta. I use to work downtown and did so for most of my career until our office decided to go 100% telecommuting. In those days though, a quick lunchtime hookup happened 3 or 4 times a week and as a married man, always kept me wanting more. I agree with you about most everything you write in your blogs. Keep up the good work, and once again, welcome south!
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In response to: Airport Encounter

bill [Visitor]
I am a fan of cruising, however i am not a fan of your ditribe about iraq if there is one book I would like to you read it is natan sharansky the case for democracy. Freedom aint free, and there is plenty to lose, keep the faith. bill
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In response to: October Surprise

Tom [Visitor]
Keith, As a former reporter (ABC Radio, UPI Radio) I can't help but ask if the information about Dennis Hastert and Lindsey Graham can be confirmed somewhere. Naturally, this is the sort of thing that needs to be out front. The American public will forgive almost anything except hypocrisy. Thanks! Tom
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In response to: New York On Alert

Shaka [Visitor]
keith, i couldn't agree more about the need of sanity from our leaders. i wouldn't mind a little intelligence either! how are you! i was visiting your site after going over some of our interview/photo shoot from five years ago in austin texas. are you in new york now because i'm teaching here. yeah, cruising got me a job.
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In response to: Licking Bailey Cave's Asshole

JC [Visitor]
Sex with a minor is wrong, plain and simple. The balance of power is WAAAY off. When you add the circumstance of a person in an elected position, supposedly protecting the interests of the people of this country, using his position to get himself off by HARRASSING a non-consenting, non-legal person it makes it all the more deplorable. I don't believe anyone is suggesting what you think should be criminalized. I think the problem starts when the things you (or anyone) fantasize about begin to effect other people in a negative manner. Sexual harrassment, sexual abuse and pedophilia clearly do this in a very real, long-term way.
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In response to: Lynden

Keith [Visitor]
Please do Lynden (and those of us who visit DC and might want to make his acquaintance) a favor and please post also his ID number or screen name. I could not find him by "Lynden" under WDC. Thanks man!
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In response to: Textbook Definition of Homophobia

bg [Visitor]
So much hyperbole swirling around the story... If it was a female page, there still would be a scandal, but the commentators would be drooling over their memories of Fanne Fox, Elizabeth Ray, Donna Rice, and (what was her name? oh yes) Monica Lewinsky. The point that's being ignored is that there is an abuse of power between the Congressman -- powerful, prestigous, high-status -- and the lowly page. In a private business, we'd hear talk of sexual harassment and lawsuits. Congress, however, is held to a different standard until the truth comes out. What hypocrisy!
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In response to: Textbook Definition of Homophobia

doug palmatier [Visitor]
Sorry i didn't realize this was a NAMBLA sponsered site. Please remove me from any and all lists. Thanks. p.s. Ugh!
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In response to: Declaring the Month of the Sex Pig!

Steve [Visitor]
Amen! I'm a sex pig and proud of it! And most others are sex pigs too. They're just too jaded and inhibited to admit it. Gay sex is perfect sex. And you can never have enough of a perfect thing. So why not fill yourself up with as much of a perfect thing as its possible to have? PIGS UNITE AND LEAD THE CHARGE!
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In response to: Sling Fling

Jay [Visitor]
Now I need three things: a home of my own, a door that opens onto a side street directly into a sling room, and a sling. Damn. You lucky, lucky man.
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