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Couple Teams Up to Use Some Hole!

I've worked with Josh Kole for years. I can't recall how many movies we've made together, but it has been more than perhaps any other single performer. Josh has become my friend over the years and so has his partner, Stone Marshall. I was staying with them last spring, on my way to the filming of All About the Hole, when I suddenly had an idea: why not feature both Stone and Josh in All About the Hole? So I asked. As the pictures below will confirm, they didn't hesitate to agree.

Both Josh and Stone did a superb job working with the entire cast, but it did seem apparent that things heated up whenever they were near one another. Whether sharing the pleasures of eating Cam Casey's ass or playing with Lars Svenson, the time when Josh was fucking Cam with Stone standing behind him, holding onto his ass and pushing Josh into Cam, some of the really hot and heavy action happens when these two team up. Be sure to catch the All About the Hole preview clip to see just how incredible the action is in our latest porn release.

All About the Hole

All About the Hole

All About the Hole

All About the Hole

All About the Hole


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Tommy Deluca Has a Thing for Ass

I'd never met Tommy Deluca until my work on a video project that we'll be releasing soon, a followup in the Double Dick series where Tommy does a tag team fuck with Arpad Miklos, topping two bottoms. One never knows what you'll find when you hire a well known talent in the sex industry. Tommy has done lots of porn, has his own website, and a very lucrative escort business. Had all that attention gone to his head? In fact my experience is that Tommy has managed to preserve himself, a nice guy from Long Island, who happens to have a mega-huge cock that is his money maker. He also has a huge, and I mean huge, ass fixation!

Tommy is in our newest release, All About the Hole, but he was cast only at the last minute. We'd enjoyed our work together for the Double Dick movie so much that it was agreed we'd cast him for All About the Hole. Look for Tommy in the movie and you'll almost always find him with his face buried between some guys ass crack, using his tongue to eat out whomever is in front of him. I could recognize his fixation because I have the exact same ass fixation. Want me to get truly excited during sex? Sit on my face! Tommy, as it turns out, is the same. For him, it really is All About the Hole, or more to the point, eating the hole. I was more than happy to see him at play and we've got lots of footage of Tommy Deluca rimming most of the cast of All About the Hole. Pictures to prove it can be found below!

Tommy Deluca

Tommy Deluca

Tommy Deluca

Tommy Deluca

Tommy Deluca

Tommy Deluca

Tommy Deluca

Tommy Deluca


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Porn Viewing Habits

How many times do you watch a porn movie all the way, start to finish? My hunch is the answer would be very few: that is very few times do you watch a porn flick like a "normal" flick. This has been on my mind lately because I've had to watch the same porn movie repeatedly lately. Of course it is a movie that I scripted, cast, helped film and then edited. It is our newest porn release, All About the Hole. By my calculations, I've watched the actual video, what you see, too, a total of 5 times, not counting watching the actual choreographed action while it was happening, nor counting the minutes and seconds you see while editing.

1. First I watch the raw, unedited footage. For All About the Hole, that meant 4 one hour tapes. We had 2 camera guys, one doing close-ups and another (this was me) to do distant shots. I edited those 4 hours down to a video that came in at 1 hour and 18 minutes. I don't count the editing process in this accounting, but it took me roughly 6 days, several hours per day, to reach a point where I inserted "The End" for All About the Hole.
2. Next comes the initial viewing of the final edit. What did I miss? What tightening of footage needs to happen? Any awkward moments to fix?
3. Next you take that hopefully totally final edit and from it create a DVD. Before you actually burn it onto a disc, you view this version, the un-burned but nearly final DVD, too.
4. Now you burn the disc with your DVD and this will presumably become your master, the disc from which all copies are made. After you burn the master guess what? Of course you take that master disc and insert it into a DVD player and watch it, start to finish, plus you check the menu to make sure it functions properly.
5. If you have a perfect master then you're ready to make copies. I made a handful to start and then, of course, I watched the first copy all the way, start to finish, just to be absolutely certain nothing was wrong.

Not exactly like making sausage, and truth be told, if you've done a good job, you'll have a boner much of the time as you watch all the action, but watching the same porn movie 5 times, start to finish, over the course of a few days can lead to fatigue.

People ask me what part of this process do I enjoy more and it is the editing that I love most of all. Sure I enjoy the hunt for just the right mix of guys to cast. That process can take months and lead down many paths that become dead ends. Always one ends up compromising your vision to deal with the facts on the ground and that is certainly true when everyone arrives on the set and filming begins. There are very few porn actors I've worked with who are truly professional. That is to say, very few guys can perform any role on command with ease and finesse. Most of the men I work with need lots of stroking of egos. Most require a fair amount of manipulation to get what I want. You have to find out what they enjoy. What turns them on and what are their limits? Then you apply all that knowledge to the actual action you'll be filming. Ever watched a porn movie and thought to yourself, "Geez, these guys look bored." That, my friend, is the sign of bad casting decisions or a director who doesn't know how to recognize what each performer brings with them and how to make them do their best on your set that day.

Making All About the Hole was, comparatively speaking, pretty darn easy. I found a great cast fairly quickly, though one hottie did drop out in the last few days because his band suddenly had a club gig that took him out of town. A couple members of the cast were what I'd call prima donna's but that gets removed in the editing process. My star bottom, Cam Casey, was reliable and drama free -- always a very good thing. He was also very enthusiastic in his role as our primo power bottom which goes a long way setting the mood when you've got a room full of tops who must perform on command. My novice to the porn world, Skyler Underwood, quickly fit into his job and with almost no directing gave us some very hot action footage. About the only direction I had to give him involved how to position his dick at just the right angle for some penetration shots. The scene where Skyler fucks Cam gets more time than just about any other sequence because Skyler was clearly enjoying it all and the camera picked up on that. A couple of photos of Cam and Skyler are included below.

The work we pornographers must do to satisfy the desires and needs of our fans! But it is nice work if you can get it. Want to get a sneak peak of the results of my latest work? Click on either of the pictures, below, to see a clip of All About the Hole starring Cam Casey, Jason Sparks, Josh Kole, Tommy Deluca, and several others.

All About the Hole

All About the Hole


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As If It is Our Business

When the son of a preacher gets arrested in a cruisy park in Dallas, penis exposed for those following him down a trail, what business is it of any of us to know his identity? We're accustomed to local daily newspapers printing the names and often even the addresses of men arrested in various stings in parks and toilets. Very often during TV sweeps months, TV news departments tag along with cameras to capture footage of men being arrested in some sting operation at some place like a movie theatre or public toilet. Rarely do we see this horrible media habit in the local gay media, but Dallas Voice decided it was essential that all their readers know the name of one particular man caught recently in Kiest Park.

The man is not a public figure, though his father is. According to Dallas Voice, an anti-gay preacherman based in South Dallas is also the father to the man arrested. Guilt by association, maybe? I suppose Dallas Voice believes this gives them the ethical right to expose the son of the preacher in what was, I'm sure, an embarrassing situation as these things usually are. No one wants to get hauled away by the cops for having your dick out in a public park. According to the article the undercover cops had to actually follow this man into a more secluded part of the park in order to get him to expose himself. While I could understand why Dallas Voice might want to draw attention to this kind of police tactic and the absurdity of arresting someone under these circumstances, this apparently was not the intent of the story. They just wanted to draw attention to the fact this man has a father who hates gay people. If this has become the standard for "outing" a private citizen, we've seriously changed the standard and lots of closeted men and women who otherwise don't advocate against gay interests should be concerned.

Some will say this specific individual should have been exposed because he apparently works for his father. The way Dallas Voice found this information out was by checking police reports since the young man arrested identified his father as his employer. One isn't enlightened as to whether this person tended to the grounds at the church, or perhaps handled accounting. The implication is he must be a self-hating gay, but that is a big leap. Our relationship with our sexual selves is often no less complex than our relationship with our family or where we work. Without offering any claim that this specific person was advocating against gays, he is outed by Dallas Voice.

It is worth noting that persons arrested for public sex often end up having their charges greatly reduced after a dose of humiliation or payment of a small fine; rarely does someone charged for public sex spend time in prison. Yet, the local media feels the obligation, as if it is a civic duty, to list the names of those arrested, treating them as if their "crime" is equal to a rapist or serial murderer in which public exposure is considered essential for public safety. Doing this to men cruising for sex has led to countless tragedies as men have lost jobs, been thrown out of a family situation, and even resorted to suicide as a way out. While I can see the "joy" if that is the right word in publishing something that you know will shine a light of hypocrisy on a public figure, that shouldn't extend to invading the privacy of family members who have no record of leading the charge of anti-gay attacks. Shame on the editor of the Dallas Voice for ignoring the privacy of this person and printing his name just because of the father. Gay media should not be in the habit of divulging the identify of private citizens when caught up in what is clearly an anti-gay entrapment operation. Point fingers at the preacher when he does something bad or hypocritical and then you'll be doing a service by exposing bad people to your community.


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AIDS Prevention and NOT Testing For Gay Men

I was struck by an article I came across yesterday, a report from the AIDS conference going on this week in Montreal. Research was being reported of a study of over 3000 women across multiple continents using a product developed in Massachusetts, a gel that would be inserted into the vagina before sex. The report was good. The gel appeared to be working, or to be more blunt in this preliminary report, it appeared to not be doing harm. Previous research into gels had actually had the unfortunate result of exposing users to greater risk of HIV infection. It appears this gel doesn't do that and it also appears it can prevent infection during intercourse without a condom. A potential breakthrough for sure, but I was reminded of one thing that has always angered me: the lack of research specifically targeting men who have anal sex with one another.

Why are gay and bi men being left out of relevant studies about AIDS prevention? Surely that particular sub-group of the population should be included in a project as large as this study? I can't say this conclusively because it has been years since I've researched the subject, but for as long as we've had AIDS in the USA, there has been scant attention paid to man-to-man sex when it comes to researching transmission and prevention. Often the results are arrived at by using another group, but then applying the results to gay and bi guys. I remember thinking back in the eighties how absurd it was that no large scale research was being conducted involving sexual practices between men. Why? Well, it had mostly to do with the fact that anti-gay policies were ruling the day during the Reagan and Bush years (the first Bush). Simply put, you couldn't get funding from the American government if you wanted to study fucking between men. But that was a very long time ago. Surely we've advanced somewhat and studying prevention among sexually active gay and bi men should be normal practice?

We've heard for years about research bias against women. There have been numerous research studies that simply ignored the female population and even though women might ultimately benefit from the research, for whatever reason they weren't included. Speculation has centered on the riskiness of exposing women who might become pregnant during the testing, potentially harming the fetus.

I don't begrudge the value of this important research as a tool to help save the lives of women. I also know that gay and bi men may ultimately benefit from this research, but why not have a policy that specifically includes gay and bi guys when testing theories that obviously could benefit men having anal sex with each other? Imagine if you could insert some gel into your ass before heading into your local ABS, then set about taking cocks up your ass without worry of condoms, and come away with decreased risk of HIV infection? Wouldn't that be worth the research to provide guys that alternative? Of course the condom may always be the safer option, but then again the truly safer option will always be not having anal sex. For those who don't like either of those choices, a gel could help prevent further infections.


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Hard Buddies In Hard Times

Economics are so much about how people perceive things. Three years ago the consensus was that times were good, so times were good. Now the growing consensus is times are bad and boy, times are damn bad. These are the times when a hot, hard buddy can be mighty useful while coping with the stresses of lost opportunities or fears of bad things to come! Finding buddies here at CRUISING for SEX is pretty straight forward. If you're looking at either our Cruiser Gallery or Message Board, click the link that says 'search' and start looking for guys.

Find a few potential buddies you like? Click the link to add them to your Buddy List. Besides, we'll be hosting another Buddy List contest shortly and for all the buddies you get now, you'll be ahead of everyone else and even closer to winning some cash. And who doesn't need extra cash these days?

I've done some advance work for you and found a few buddies you might want to hookup with. Click any of the pics and you'll reach their profile where you can add them to your Buddy List.

Buddy Studzman

Buddy Minuchin

Buddy RiverRock

Buddy njhungtop78

Buddy kevin-suggests

Buddy leatherdruid

Buddy DerekOrl

Buddy Za


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NYC State of Mind

I've been in New York for a few days and I must say the tone of the city seems to have changed rather dramatically since my last visit before the economic meltdown. Walking around Manhattan, you get this feeling of gloom and doom. Everyone is looking at the ground and not each other which is actually not that common in this city where glancing at each other is a typical pastime. People aren't engaged in noticeable banter and chat. New Yorkers seem to be waiting for yet another shoe to drop in the financial disaster created right here on the tip of this little island. I for one just want to see them erect a guillotine on Wall Street.

One thing I can vouch for: the city is a bargain for hotels. I'm staying in a Hyatt on the Hudson River in Jersey City (one train stop to downtown Manhattan) for the unreal price of $70 per night thanks to Priceline. Had I preferred not going with Priceline and also preferred being in the city, among my options was a Holiday Inn in Times Square that was $75 per night plus free pizza. That kind of deal is more like something you might see in Birmingham or Memphis, but never in a city that can ask top dollar and get it. In any event, here is my view from my $70 room as taken by my roomie, Frank. Amazing isn't it!?


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