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Snow Day

I'm sitting in a cute downtown coffeehouse in Portland, Maine, staring at the lovely men in front of me, and over their heads and out the window at the incredible amount of snow falling. Trying to make my time productive, I'm also searching Men4RentNow for some action during my upcoming stops in Boston and New York. They've recently launched this new, free service called "Wanted List" which acts like a Priceline for escorts.

Earlier this week, thanks to Priceline, I had a bid accepted in Hartford, Connecticut for a room for $35 per night. The hotel for $35: a Sheraton. Why not apply the same concept to men for hire, having them reply to an ad you post naming your desires including date, time and of course the price. Brilliant wouldn't you say? So far, I've landed some hot ass in Atlanta and I have a few nibbles in Boston. The ad I'm placing in New York this afternoon should generate lots of responses just because of the glut that city has in escorts for hire. So many men for hire, and not enough cash around these days makes New York a shopper's market. In fact, given the economy, the timing for the introduction of the "Wanted List" at Men4RentNow couldn't come a minute too soon for both horny clients and willing men for rent.

The estimates are Portland will end up with about 12 inches of snow before this ends overnight. For the locals I suppose this is just another winter day. For me it is more like a kid in a candy store. I got out and walked around for several blocks today, not having a clue where I'm at or where I might be heading, but anxious to feel the flakes accumulate on my shoulders and disappear as they hit my face. Being in a new city in a snowstorm is like arriving in a new city at night. You really can't figure out where things are because nothing is appearing clearly. I can figure out one thing for sure: Portland is not just another place. I'm not surprised since it was the chosen home of porn writer John Preston. I never met John, but I knew enough about him to know he'd only desire a town that was both hospitable and quirky, hence Portland which I imagine fits the bill.

With the snow falling outside, I can dream of the warm, hot, perfectly formed human body that will be on top of me in the next few days thanks to Men4RentNow. You have to admit the Internet has really made some things we always did much more convenient! Hell, maybe I'll also end up with 12 inches soon!


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Age of Consent

If anything we've learned thanks to the scandal with Portland Mayor Sam Adams and fellow Oregonian Beau Breedlove it is this: our country, including the so-called progressive places like Portland, Oregon, are totally weirded out by sex that crosses generations. This story which broke on a very slow newsday, the day we swore in a new President, shouldn't have been a story since all parties were adult and all parties were consenting. And yet my understanding is that the Oregon Attorney General is going to investigate. Not sure what, exactly, there is to investigate, but the political pressure to do something seems to grow daily. Even the lies told by the Mayor and Beau to hide the true nature of their relationship can't be a crime. And yet this has been a big deal. Why is that?

What this all does reveal is how utterly ridiculous our existing age of consent laws are in the USA. It keeps getting people in trouble even when nothing wrong has actually happened. Remember the Florida pol, Mark Foley, who was run out of Washington when he acknowledged sending hot text messages to a 16 year-old boy? Had Foley done it in my home state of Georgia the issue of age would not be an issue since I can safely and legally fuck a 16 year-old where I live. In Ohio, Vermont, and several other states 16 is the age of consent. In many others, for example Texas, it is 17. In some states if I were younger, but still over 18, I could actually fuck a 14 year-old (Indiana, Iowa). You can see the full list of age of consent laws here. Clearly there is no consensus as to when a child is smart enough to decide to fuck with an adult, though mid-teens seems to be a norm of sorts.

The thing about Beau and the Mayor, however, is that they both claim that while they met when Beau was 17, they waited until a few days after his 18th birthday (which the Mayor attended with another man) to do the deed. One day you're smart enough to lift your legs for penetration, but the day before you were too immature. Just about any man I've ever met has shared stories of either wishing an older man had played with them when they were a teen or told of stories where it happened. In fact, I've heard it so often from so many men that I assume cross-generational sex is VERY normal. In the case of Beau, apparently he was the aggressor and eventually, when the magic 18 moment had arrived, the Mayor bent him over and plowed the man who had previously been a boy. This would all be so silly if the seriousness of charges of sex with a minor weren't such a serious offense. There are few allegations that can more quickly ruin your reputation, cause a loss of employment, and sever ties with your community, family and friends.

I'm not exactly sure what the solution is for this, but we do need to recognize that teenagers are sexual beings, and should be given the respect to govern their sexual lives just as we give them enough respect to take a job or drive a car. Our biggest obstacle at the moment is that age of consent laws are nowhere near being at the top of the agenda of any mainstream organization. That should change for the sake of horny teens around the USA.




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Beau Breedlove is Hot

Maybe Portland, Oregon Mayor Sam Adams should listen to calls coming in for his resignation. Being a leader of a city surely requires that you have a spine and yet this openly gay mayor would seem to be lacking. He got himself some really hot ass back in 2005. Now that he has been "caught," however, Adams is talking publicly about the morality of having succumbed to the apparently aggressive moves of a 17 year-old boy he met in spring 2005. Weeks later, after the boy became a legal man, the conclusion you'd expect when a horny young man pursues you happened and they spent a weekend at Adam's home, 3 years before he became mayor. Judging from how dreamy Beau Breedlove looks (that is Beau pictured below), I can only imagine the ravaging that must have occurred behind closed doors.

Now, however, Adams is all about contrition, telling the voters he'll resign if they believe that is best. But resign for what? The sex was legal. The sex was consensual. The sex was totally understandable given the combination of a hot young stud chasing after a politician, no doubt stroking that politician-sized ego with every dirty phone call and every elicit text message.

Rather than tell his constitutes this is a private matter, a totally legal relationship and to mind their own business, Adams did exactly the opposite, questioning his morals and exposing not just his private life, but that of a non-public figure to greater scrutiny. Adams declared to the local media, "Beau is a good guy, very smart, very engaging. But the experience of dating someone that much younger, I didn't find it compelling." Remind you of anyone else? Maybe a politician who calls a news conference and says in the most acerbic way, "I did not have sex with that woman." That was unseemly back then and also a lie. What Adams is doing is unseemly now, calling a news conference to announce that a young man he once dated just wasn't able to keep his interest. Frankly, as I suggested above, it is the sign of a Mayor with no spine, no notion of privacy, and not much good judgment.

I suggest Adams spare us more drama of what should be private and just be happy that he got some from a really hot guy. Shame when it is not deserved is not a compelling quality in a leader. As was made clear yesterday in Washington from our new President, what is at stake for all of us as a nation is far too serious to waste any additional time on this type of foolishness.



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It's Been a Long Time Coming

If you really want to appreciate this day, I suggest you take the time to listen to any rendition of Sam Cooke's It's Been A Long Time Coming. As for me, I saw it all from the Mall in Washington. I was way, way back, actually positioned inside the huge World War Two Memorial, me and millions ahead of and behind me. Some highlights from this observer:

1. Crowds went wild for Ted Kennedy and both Clintons. Of course, they also went absolutely bonkers for anyone named Obama.

2. When George Bush appeared, there was a ground swell of boo's, taunts of 'Go to jail,' and many renditions of "Nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey, goodbye." It was loud enough that everyone would have heard it.

3. Rick Warren was met by at least one silent protest when my friend Paul and I unfurled a rainbow flag, holding it over our heads while Warren prayed.

4. Everyone seemed unfazed that all of us were spending hours in the frigid cold (single digits when you consider wind chill). In fact, it seemed we huddled together -- total strangers -- to stay warm.

The Day of Change

The Day of Change

The Day of Change

The Day of Change

The Day of Change

The Day of Change

The Day of Change

The Day of Change

The Day of Change

The Day of Change

The Day of Change

The Day of Change


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Sunday On the Mall

My feet are very tired. My back aches. But you know what? I am so happy I was on the Mall this afternoon.

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall

Sunday on the Mall


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Freezing History

I can't believe I've not simply given up and gone into hibernation. I'm in Washington and it is beyond cold. I've been in colder temps, but I can't recall such cold weather combined with a willingness to be out and about when it is 15 degrees. At the same time, the spirit in the air here is one of growing momentum, a sweetness, a heightened awareness that you're here to be a witness. Think about this: the crowds of 200,000 gathered in the immediate area around the ceremonies Tuesday will literally be standing on ground where slaves once slept in a tent city while constructing the Capitol building.

The city is buzzing with people. Mostly, it seems, a combination of very young white and black high school and college age people, but also much older black men and women. One here to witness the unimaginable, the other to become part of a new history, a new beginning. Braving the temps, I headed for Dupont Circle to have lunch with my DC moderator, CapitalUncut before heading to the National Museum of American History where I saw the wig that Phylis Diller wore, the gloves that Joe Louis used, and the kitchen where Julia Child cooked. It seemed, again, to be a very young crowd and the longest line was to view the Star Spangled Banner.

At some point the halls echoed with musicians playing "Dixie" and then moment's later, the national anthem. Later in the day the speech Martin Luther King delivered the night before his death reverberated all around the halls. Then came that old spiritual "We Shall Overcome." People were often stopped in their tracks, just taking in the moment, no doubt realizing the importance of what they were hearing, the sounds of recent American history, and how it all seems to have played out to this point, this moment that we're witnessing as we freeze together here in Washington.


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Enroute to History

I left Atlanta Monday, driving up the east coast to Washington. My first stop was Charleston, South Carolina, the city where I came out at age 20. It was in Charleston that I got my eyes opened to the thrill of quick, anonymous sex. After the bar would close some nights, we'd go to someone's house where an orgy would be underway. The party favor given at the door would usually be Quaaludes (remember those?). I always credited the fact I'm alive today to having gone "wild" first in this sleepy, seaside town, and not in San Francisco where I would end up at age 22 just as AIDS was being recognized.

I got to visit with my roomie from those days in Charleston, George, who has always been the town slut and still is even now. We talked about the old days, lusted after our servers at the restaurant, and took a drive around the neighborhood where we lived.

Next stop was Norfolk, Virginia where I wanted to see the Chrysler Museum. This is one of those small collections located in a town that one rarely associates with fine art, but the Chrysler ranks among the best in the USA. I saw the Veronese, the Bernini, the Warhol, the Rockwell, the Hopper, but the special exhibit, "Massive Resistence," was where I spent a good deal of time. Norfolk has an ugly past and with "Massive Resistence" it is attempting to at least acknowledge it. In 1959 when the public school system was ordered integrated by the court system, the city actually shut down the 6 public schools rather than allow black and white students to sit in the same classroom. For months, students wanting an education had to find alternatives, some meeting in churches, others in homes of parents. Eventually, after national exposure, the state backed down and allowed the schools to re-open, this time integrated. Enroute to Washington, DC, to witness the swearing in of our first bi-racial President, it really was the perfect history lesson to absorb at this time: to be reminded that in my lifetime, the hatred of racism was not only tolerated, it was institutionalized and even legal.

Look for me on the Mall this weekend and again Tuesday. I'll be freezing like all the other hundreds of thousands assembled to mark what is surely one of the great historic moments for a nation founded and built on slavery.



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Abbreviation Sex

Escorts rarely are willing to put in print exactly what they'll do. Maybe they'll say versatile, top or bottom, but details are usually left for phone conversations and maybe, once they think you're a "live one," in an email message. Last night I got an unsolicited email from a handsome man in south Florida who directed me to his website where I discovered a most interesting list of what he would and would not do. Perhaps more useful was the explanation of abbreviations.

I assume he lifted them from someone else, but who knows? Maybe he thought it up himself. It is worth saving since cell phone keypads make this kind of knowledge essential. Can anyone really take the time to type 'Dinner At The Y' when you can get away with DATY? I'll have pecs for my appetizer, followed by some oral to refresh my palate before the main course of stud ass. Dinner at the Y sounds tasty!

The destruction of the English language continues.

By the way, the hunk who emailed me the list is a guy calling himself Kodie Payne:


Services (that I provide): 69, Anal, A-Level, BJ, BBBJ, CBJ, CIF, COB, COF, Completion, Covered, DATY, DFK, Doggie, Duo, Extraball, FK, GFE, HJ, LT, LTR, Massage, O-Level, Outcall, OWO, Strip-tease, Tour

69 (69 sex)
Anal (Anal sex)
A-Level (5 star escort)
BJ (Blowjob)
BBBJ (Bareback Blowjob)
CBJ (Covered Blow Job; Oral sex with a condom)
CIF (Come In Face)
COB (Come On Body)
COF (Come On Face)
Completion (Oral to completion)
Covered (Covered blowjob)
DATY (Dinner At The Y)
DFK (Deep French Kissing)
Doggie (Sex style from behind)
Duo (Sex with two escorts; Threesome with the client)
Extraball (Have sex many times)
FK (French kissing, Kissing with tongue)
GFE (Girl Friend Experience)
HJ (Hand Job)
LT (Long Time; Usually overnight)
LTR (Long Term Relationship)
O-Level (Oral sex)
Outcall (Escort visits you)
OWO (Oral without a condom)


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Toilet Sex To Make a Comeback?

A recent news report reveals that someone actually offered Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport $5000 to take an infamous toilet stall off their hands. They refused. In fact, they've refused all suggestions to re-do the toilet made famous when soon-to-be former Senator Larry Craig stopped in and got caught up in a bust we started covering here at CRUISING for SEX months before Craig was caught. We got our own update just the other day with this tidbit published online as part of our Sex Listings:

"I stopped by to see the ‘famous’ Larry Craig stall on my way to New York (on the 17th) and was surprised to see that this place is still pretty active, though not as active as it once was. I sucked off two guys and then got sucked off by another guy, all within twenty-five minutes. This was late afternoon on a Wednesday. I guess now that the tourists are gone and the airport has decided against expensive renovations, the fun can continue, just be alert."

I recently got a text message from a friend who was boarding a plane that would be landing at the Minneapolis airport and he had but one question, "How to locate the toilet?" I responded, "By the shoe shine." I never got a followup on what he may have encountered but based on tips we're receiving, there is still a reason to do a layover at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport. I would continue to advise that you keep a watchful eye on our Sex Listings for updates, not only for the Larry Craig toilet, but every toilet where action occurs. Budgets are tightening around the USA thanks to the economy so money for police enforcement may well decline, good news when cruising for sex. In penny-pinching times, it also seems logical that more and more of us would try to take advantage of free venues for getting off. This could be a very good year for toilet sex!

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