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I Resolve

I have always appreciated this time of year, fresh from re-connecting with many of our more cherished traditions from childhood, fresh from time with family and friends, we take the time to reflect not so much on the past, but towards the future. Some consider new year resolutions to be a ridiculous waste of time, but I tend to take at least the creation of them rather seriously.

This coming year, 2009, will be a time of change for CRUISING for SEX. After 8 years of working together, my colleague Gabe has decided it is time to move into something else. I shall miss his incredible talents and if any of you are needing a hard-working, loyal person to hire, I'd be happy to recommend him. When he is gone, it will open up a big void for me since I've always been able to rely on Gabe and as anyone who owns a small business can confirm, that type of person is hard to replace and even harder to be without.

Another big change for the business will be our first major overhaul of the CRUISING for SEX listings, our Sex Listings database. We came along well before Web 2.0 caught on and without realizing, were actually helping create the community element to the Internet that Web 2.0 has come to mean. With our overhaul, expect to see many new features that we hope will make our Sex Listings, and indeed our entire website, more useful in your search for places to hookup and guys to meet.

We're launching at least one new website in 2009, our target date being mid-February. I can't tell you anything about it, but it is taking us in a direction we've not ventured into before and for that reason alone, I'm very excited about the launch.

I've got several videos in the can, waiting to be edited and released. I intend to end 2009 with all of them available and, in fact, I've been editing one of them these last few days. We're also increasing our video presence in the retail market where more and more of our porn titles are showing up on shelves at your local adult superstore.

These are some of the plans, but what about the resolutions?

1. To work harder at making friends locally. I am terrible at making new friends and it is going to be an effort. Atlanta is full of people from elsewhere, many looking to form social networks, and I will strive to make new friends with more of the locals.

2. To continue nurturing all my many wonderful friendships around the country. I actually have loads of friends, but they live from sea to shining sea. Staying in touch, thanks to the Internet, has actually gotten somewhat easier.

3. Continue my commitment to connect more deeply with family. It does seem to be true that the older one gets, the more important family becomes. I was alienated from my birth family for many years, thanks to the usual homo issues, but we've resolved those issues and I find myself actually looking forward to family events for the first time since I was a child. Wow! I can't believe that, but it is true. One thing I resolve to accomplish this year is to help organize a big family reunion.

4. Get that new gloryhole installed. I moved into a new place and have yet to have a new hole built. Frankly, it was a decision made because I know having the hole can be rather time-consuming and I guess I wanted to get some other things in life a bit more under control before re-opening the hole.

5. Travel to a foreign destination. I haven't been to Europe in ages, mostly because of the utterly worthless dollar. That seems to be changing and so I'm hoping to plan a vacation to some part of Europe in 2009.

There you have it. My brief list of resolutions for myself along with a short list of plans for CRUISING for SEX. If you have some resolutions and you want to share them, send them my way. My email address is

Happy new year fellow Cruisers!


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Sexy Is Gone

The Sex Kitten is gone. I shook her hand once and didn't wash it for several days. I dreamed of being her friend. In a time when it seems everyone can grab fame, Eartha Mae earned it the old fashioned way. Give yourself a special gift today and listen to some music from Ms. Kitt. Start by following this link to watch Eartha singing Here's To Life.

Ms. Kitt


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Cruisemaster Christmas

Yesterday I attended a family gathering, seeing some cousins I've not seen since all of us were kids. They've all grown up and many of them have moved around the world more than once to some really odd places (Kazakstan, for example), gotten married, had children and gotten divorced. Usually I go to these family gatherings and sit there realizing the "enemy" is right there under my nose. Most of my family are very religious types, or so it appears. Most of them vote like their preacher tells them. Most of them probably think Barack Obama is an uppity black man. How on earth did I come from this group? Well, I try to focus on the good in each of them and definitely appreciate that many of the things that made me what I am came from my family.

Well, imagine my surprise to learn that one of my cousins has two sons from a previous marriage and both sons are gay! I'd never been clued in to this by other family members, that I wasn't the only one in my clan. One of them, the older guy, had his male partner with him. His brother looks to be a teenager and is definitely going through that awkward stage, but he will be a head-turner someday. It was an extra Christmas bonus learning there are other homo's in the family!

Cruisemaster Tree

Cruisemaster Tree


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A Tool for Getting Some With Discretion

It may be too late to add this to your gift list for others, but why not start the new year with your very own CRUISING for SEX t-shirt? It can do the trick rather nicely. Read this actual response I got yesterday from yet another satisfied Cruiser:

Got my shirt today, wore it to Home Depot, after a few minutes a young one followed me into the rest room, told me he knew what the logo was about, and long story short, got my cock sucked in the stall just because of the shirt.

The key to our new t-shirt is in their discretion. There are no words like CRUISING for SEX on the shirt. Only someone "in the know" would instantly recognize the logo on your t-shirt, thus being clued in to why you may be walking the aisle at Best Buy, Home Depot, a trail in the city park, or sitting on a bench outside a rest area. Others will remain clueless thanks to the low-key nature of our shirts.

Follow this link to see our selection of t-shirts, caps and other things you can wear to alert other men cruising for sex that you're available for some action next time you're out shopping for nails and plywood:



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No To Eric Holder for AG

We encourage everyone who enjoys sex via the Internet or any other venue that involves the availability of pornographic material to speak out AGAINST the appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney General in the new Obama Justice Department. He comes before Congress in January and I urge you to let it be known to your elected officials that you want his appointment blocked.

While I have no doubt that Eric Holder would be an improvement over an AG who felt the need to cover the exposed breasts of statues (John Ashcroft) or an AG who would allow the firing of numerous attorney's because of their refusal to go after political enemies of the current administration (Alberto Gonzales), that doesn't change the fact that Holder has expressed a position that makes him no friend of those who make and enjoy pornography. In fact, he has explicitly positioned himself as an adversary. In a study of his record by industry publication Adult Video News, a 1998 memo was uncovered from Holder that he'd sent to all AG's in the nation, advising them that due to "increasing concern about the distribution of obscenity and child pornography both by traditional purveyors of 'adult material' and in particular by those who distribute such material over the Internet," he (Holder) wanted to remind the attorney's of his department's "priorities" regarding the prosecution of adult producers.

I'll let Holder speak for himself and place emphasis on what really disturbs this Internet-based business owner:

"[P]riority should be given to cases involving large-scale distributors who realize substantial income from multistate operations and cases in which there is evidence of organized crime involvement," Holder wrote. "However, prosecution of cases involving relatively small distributors can have a deterrent effect and would dispel any notion that obscenity distributors are insulated from prosecution if their operations fail to exceed a predetermined size or if they fragment their business into small-scale operations. In particular, priority also should be given to large-scale distributors of obscenity over the Internet. Because of the nature of the Internet and the availability of agents trained in conducting criminal investigations in cyberspace, investigation and prosecution of Internet obscenity is particularly suitable for federal resources."

Some will suggest we give this a pass since clearly an Obama administration should be "friendlier" to our industry and those of you who enjoy the fruits of our labor, but I say why? Why should we quietly settle yet again? Even if Holder is confirmed, by challenging him we will put our next AG and the administration on notice that we will not be silent if the changes sought by the Bush Justice Department don't stop and very soon. Just this week, the industry expects a whole new set of 2257 regulations to be delivered, timed so a new Obama Justice Department will be forced to implement them. The new AG will play a critical role in tamping down any last minute shenanigans by Bush to stop your enjoyment of porn. Word in the industry is that the new regulations may be harsher than even those to emerge in the past including those that have made it illegal for you, my dear Internet consumer, to post pictures of yourself online having sex with another person (if you've gotten away with it, those who allowed you to post your images are a criminal in the eyes of the Justice Department). Make sure Eric Holder and his potential new boss know you're paying attention!

List of Senate Judiciary Committee Members:


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Our Lists For 2008: Sex Listings Popularity Contest (Part 2)

What is up with the lack of more comments about cruisy toilets and parks? In studying our Sex Listings database, easily the largest repository of it's kind in the world, we've thus far had mostly arcades, theatres, and one token sexclub rising to the top as most discussed this year. Oh well! We're just reporting what guys CRUISING for SEX wrote about the most in 2008. These aren't the best or worst, but they are the listings that caused the greatest discussion which must count for something.

We've already done the first 5 in this popularity contest and you can (go here to read that list). Now comes the next 5 places:

6. We resume with sixth place and yet another bookstore, this one being Main Street Video, 372 Mystic Avenue, Somerville, Massachusetts, a suburb to Boston. In fact, if this place didn't exist, Boston would be almost devoid of sleazy places to hookup. It got a total of 16 comments in the past year including these jewels:

"I agree that this place attracts the local Brazilians and Latinos. I am in my twenties and take care of my body, so these boys tend to like what they see. I got there late one night as the place was closing and these two Brazilians were coming out and saw me and followed me right back in. These dudes looked like their clothes were painted on their beautiful bodies. I went to a booth and the one came in and quickly undid my pants and began the most unbelievable blowjob. I kept the door open so his hot friend could see. Here I was with this handsome and athletic dude sucking me off and his drop dead gorgeous friend watching. I began to reach for the other dude and his thick dick was soon choking me. I began to get close to squirting and the dude wanted it so I came and watched him take it all and then watched as his friend and him shared my juice. I then had two hot loads of Brazilian juice: one in my ass and one down my throat. And none too soon. Dudes, I left this place with a shit-ass grin all the way home. This place is one of the best I know in the Northeast."

"I was there last Tuesday for two cock-filled hours and had the hottest time. There were a number of guys and some good three-way action, too. But I had the hottest married businessman with what had to be eleven inches of the fattest uncut horsemeat dangling. What a specimen. He said he hadn't cum in almost two weeks. What a horsecock slopfest I had in that booth. I will be back!"

7. New York City is clearly the winner overall in terms of popular locations and here we have another New York establishment, The Blue, 206 8th Avenue, Manhattan. Fifteen entries and as seems the norm, some love it, some hate it. Everyone has an opinion!

"I went here on a Thursday mid day. The crowd was small but there were some hotties. Sucked a 6 foot 3 blond guy with a big fat dick."

"The machines run very fast. Count your change. The monitors bang on the door as soon as the dollar runs out. This place is a rip off."

8. Heading out to Las Vegas, we've got tons of mentions about Hawks Gym, 953 E. Sahara Avenue, Buidling 35, Suite 102.

"Hawks was very clean and the staff was very nice and kept it clean. I'm twenty-seven years old, medium build, and love to get naked with a bunch of guys. There were plenty at Hawks. The dungeon area was pretty dead, but the rest of the place was hopping two nights in a row. Lots of Asians and some Middle Eastern guys too. Some Latinos, but could be more. White and black represented too. Guys of all types, but if you're looking for an A&F kind of guy stop going to bathhouses!"

"This place is bareback heaven! I spent three consecutive nights there and had no problem whatsoever finding young, cute, and smooth bareback bottoms boys willing to take a few loads. I met a gorgeous, smooth muscle-bodied Asian boy on a Friday night and watched him take five loads before I slid my cock in his smooth, cummy hole. I only lasted two minutes before I added my load to the mix! The club is small but clean and seems to be the happening place in Vegas. I will definitely be back to load up some more young bareback bottom boys!"

9. Leaving the city life behind, we head now to Horse Cave, Kentucky for DC Adult Books, located off I-65 in this town near some tourist destinations. So what do they do in Horse Cave? Our guys have the inside take:

"I stopped in there on a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago and wasted $20. There were only about eight nasty old trolls wandering around. Only one other person came in the whole time I was there. A total waste."

"A fantastic place on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I bottomed there so I just went into the larger theaters, leaned over one of the sofas with my pants down at my ankles and I swear I used ten condoms in two hours. The guys liked my groaning. I will be there every weekend I can get up there!"

10. Coming into tenth place is the porn movie palace (formerly Tomkats) known as Studs, 7734 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood.

"What more could one ask for? It is what it is: a porn theatre. I think the new owners are doing a great job keeping a place like this open. For $15 you have a somewhat safe environment, free hot dogs, fee popcorn, coffee, cookies, condoms, fruit and new in-and-out privileges, which is great. You can sign out a wristband and use it to get back into the theatre one time only, anytime that day until closing. And yes it can be a hit-or-miss when it comes to the type of people. The staff seems to be working on making it a better place to have safe fun. They do need to change the porn more often."

"This is the best place to suck and be sucked. Recently they increased fee to $18, which is acceptable to upgrade the quality of the theatre and guys."

"Do not go to this theatre! My friend and I went around midnight. Someone stole my friend's wallet. This place is not safe to cruise."

Isn't it amazing how vastly different two guys can see the same place? Sometimes I think it is all about who gets hot sex and who doesn't, but when you read these comments often enough, you find out that often people simply have very different expectations. Someone who has been to lots of bathhouses may consider one club a piece of crap, while the relative novice might think it is the best place around. And who hasn't left a sex venue with a sparkle in your eyes and an extra stride in your step if you've just come away from some of the hottest sex of your life? That tends to color lots of how we view a place when we're CRUISING for SEX. Next week we'll begin letting you sound off in a special end-of year report on the best venues you've found in 2008 when you're out CRUISING for SEX.

Thanks for another great year of entries, gentlemen! Gabe and I are truly grateful that you continue to rely on us to be your middle man in the information exchange of where to go when you just got to get off. If you want to check the Sex Listings, start here:


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Our Lists For 2008: Sex Listings Popularity Contest (Part 1)

We ran a little script of our entire Sex Listings database to determine which listings had seen the greatest amount of online activity. That is to say, which listings got more new comments in 2008? These are not necessarily the best places or, for that matter, the worst, but they are the places men CRUISING for SEX have talked about the most. Here goes:

1. What does it say, guys, that our number one listing comes with no name? All we know is what it is: a dirty bookstore and arcade, and it is located at 167 8th Avenue in Manhattan. You'd think, given we've gotten over 20 postings about this place this year alone someone would give us the actual name of the place?

So what are they reporting? Many of the comments were really down on this place so we're not sure just how great it is.

"Nice booths, large openings and even paper towels laid out on each seat. The attendant sat at the register up front and didn't seem to care at all about whether you were feeding the machines or just playing in the booths. The crowd, however, was a little slow developing."

"I go here regularly to get off. What you would call diverse clientele here. If you give it just a little time something good will happen. I usually leave satisfied."

"Some trolls for sure, but sometimes a youngster strays into the back where the peeps are. I tongue-fucked and blew a twenty-something Asian guy there a few days ago."

2. Next up we have a tie. First we'll go with the Fair Theatre, 90-18 Astoria Blvd., in Queens. It also got over 20 entries this year including this sampling:

"What a fucking shit hole! If you are into Jabba The Hut look-alikes, or are interested is getting sucked-off by The Cryptkeeper, or love leaving a sexclub smelling like cigarettes, then run to the Fair and pay your $15. If, however, you are not revoltingly obese, horrifyingly old, or a loser who simply must have a cigarette in his wrinkled lips every waking moment of the day, then stay way the fuck far away from this disgusting, over-priced, filthy, troll-laden garbage pit. This place used to be (late 80s, early 90s) insanely hot: unending uncut ‘Rican cock, lots of places to do it and a reasonable admission fee. All of these positives are long gone as it has been completely overtaken by a shockingly unattractive, polyester-wearing, Merit-smoking crowd. The question remains: where do the hot ‘Ricans go to get sucked off?"

"Hassidic guys, married Russians, and other eastern European types are in the mix here. It's freaky and I like that."

Tied for second place is Adult Variety Store, off Route 1, Avenel, New Jersey.

"Went there last week for the first time and knew I would love it when I saw a packed parking lot at 5 pm after work! A whole lot of clean, well-groomed guys of all ages on their way home from work. I'll be back even if gas goes to $10 a gallon. There are plenty of big mushroom head pumps giving out free gallons of jizz!"

"The setup is not for the faint of heart. There is NO privacy at all. Everyone can see what is going on which I worry might encourage the trolls to be aggressive. I was there at around 10 am and there were about half a dozen guys spanking it. I motioned to a couple of guys, but there was no action, just looking. The clerk bothered no one, though, so I'll definitely be back."

3. Pulling up at third place is Fifteenth Avenue Adult Emporium, 2125 North 15th Avenue, Melrose Park, out in the 'burbs of Chicago. This one we've heard all about and apparently so have many of you. Every town should have one of these!

"This is a fun place. Pretty much anything you want is here and people are very friendly. The couples were quite friendly and the women were happy to fuck and suck. I really appreciated the $20 entrance fee that covered everything."

"Took my buddy’s fiancée there to watch porn in the theatre and jackoff. While we were making out I was rubbing a guy’s leg standing next to me, he slid his cock between our lips. Love this theatre."

4. Obviously our call for a boycott of Fort Lauderdale hasn't worked! Coming in at 4th is Slammer Club/321, 321 W. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale.

"The perfect place? Probably. You can watch, have an intimate one-on-one session in a booth with a bed, or join in on a wild orgy. Nothing but dick, dick, dick and cum, cum, cum. I've never seen anything else quite like it. Gloryholes galore!"

"This place is great to meet a lot of nice people. It’s a little dark but you can adjust fine. No twinks or queens around just regular guys having fun."

5. For those of you hoping to visit our fifth place, K & B Newsstand, in Washington, DC, when you're in town for the change of government next month, well, forget that. The place, in spite of being wildly popular, closed recently. Still, we thought we'd include some of the postings. By the way, it was NOT closed down by the sanitary police!

"Stopped by around 4 today and had my lips on a nice cock 5 minutes later. Still needs to be cleaned, but it wasn't as bad as it has been."

"I sucked some nice cock and fucked a hot ass here but I think that it has to be the most disgusting place I've ever been to. The smell of rat urine and feces is overwhelming. And I’m not joking."

We'll continue with 5 more listings in my next blog entry. Next week we'll begin letting you sound off in a special end-of year report on the best venues you've found in 2008 when you're out CRUISING for SEX.


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Where Did The Dirty Pictures Go?

If you're trolling around these parts looking for fresh new meat, I've made a little change in my daily blog entries. We're putting the naked, cum-dripping, ass-puking stuff in their own special place! Follow these links to get off courtesy of CRUISING for SEX:

Big Dicks:
Young Guys:

Come back here to find updates about this website, my life, and just about anything else that can't fit under the porn stuff listed above.


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Tipsy Homage to Boston Legal

Pardon me but I've had 4 shots of bourbon. It seemed entirely appropriate to roll out the good bourbon tonight, settle in, and enjoy the final episode of one of the more enjoyable shows on the TV in recent memory. Boston Legal has been winding down for weeks, with not exactly subtle jabs at their host network for tossing overboard a show full of political commentary and people old enough to recall the 60's. Boston Legal was funny. That was the reason I loved it. Every week I could be certain it would make me laugh out loud, perhaps when Jerry would pop or Denny would talk mad cow.

It was a spin-off of The Practice, a show I once enjoyed, but that lost its way in the last couple years it was on the air. Boston Legal never lost its way, but that way was more than a network could handle: wrinkled elders pontificating about the evils of the Iraq war or the need to honor the wishes of dying loved ones or why this past election was especially important.

The key to Boston Legal was simple: make you laugh while pushing all the buttons. Take this final episode as example: the law firm is taken over by Chinese, leading to a heated debate over why some of us are very uncomfortable that the nation of China now owns us; a debate over whether Israel should exist, pondering the possibility that the reasons given for it's existence no longer apply; an argument for giving dying patients unproven meds; and to top it all off, the central characters, two men, Alan and Denny, getting married by Antonin Scalia. See! I bet you wish you'd watched it, right?

David Kelly created this mess of weekly laughter and contemplation. I've enjoyed other things by him including the already mentioned The Practice, but also Ally McBeal (the original show built on the premise that lawyers are weird), but with Boston Legal he really rose to the heights of his talents.

So why am I drinking bourbon? Well, the two central characters, Denny and Alan, would always end the show on the balcony of their law offices with booze in their hands. It was an homage to the old boys network meeting head-on with the younger minds who aren't held back by all the prejudices of our nation's past. Heck, that was why the last episode when the elderly Denny confessed yet again he loved Alan and proposed marriage (legal in Boston, of course) was so very moving.

It worked. It worked really well. ABC was crazy to cancel the show, but then again as the next to last episode pointed out in a not subtle at all crack at their network, older folks just aren't the audience for the networks even though they're the one's with the disposable income. Raise a glass to Boston Legal!


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Lusting for Danny Nicoletta

Danny, we didn't realize how fucking adorable you were as a younger guy! I sort of knew Danny Nicoletta when I was doing political organizing in San Francisco. It was hard not to run into a man who was always present at rallies with his camera, ever ready to capture the moment. Nicoletta is played by Lucas Grabeel in the flick Milk and while the guy playing Cleve Jones (Emile Hirsch) and the other stud playing Scott Smith (James Franco) are definite jerk-off material, the one who took my breath away was Grabeel. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Lucas Grabeel was an unknown to me and I'm trying to figure out how on earth I missed him. Maybe it is because I never got into all this High School Musical stuff. But Grabeel may be yet one more reason to affirm why Missouri is home to some super cute guys. After all, Brad Pitt came from Missouri and now we have this sexy man-boy.

Lest you think I'm totally ignoring the real Danny Nicolleta, check this link to see a few examples of his outstanding photography. Danny, the real one, is super sexy in the here and now, too!

The real Danny

The fake Danny


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Goodinya: I'll Sue You!

As long as I've been doing this (almost 12 years -- can you believe it??!!), we've gotten emails, letters and phone calls threatening to take us to court for this or that claim. I've lost track of how many YMCA branches have threatened us. Over the years we've heard from colleges, Bally Fitness Centers, Macy's, a Home Depot, and once we even got a threat of litigation from the headmaster of a grade school because we listed a rest area a few miles down the road. This is what we have the trash for and I am pleased to report I've never had to waste a penny on legal challenges of this nature (fingers crossed as I type this).

The one we got yesterday is funny enough to share with all of you. It turns out we have a Cruiser who uses the same username as a sauce company in Canada. The owner of the trademark, "Goodinya Sauces" wrote us a threatening email because someone out there has the nerve to have a username called Goodinya! Get it??? Good in you!!! The sauce this user has in mind has not a lot to do with ribs, burgers or chicken which apparently is the product for which this Canadian guy is claiming ownership.

We'd love to see that argument in court: "Judge, Goodinya is not talking about sauce on your burger. He is all about how good it feels to be inside a warm, moist mouth or ass." At least all parties involved would get some beneficial media exposure though we suspect the sauce folks might not view such an association as good for their business plan.


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The Disappearance of Keith

Your Cruisemaster is disappearing from the scene, soon to be gone. It may happen as early as January 3, 2009 or it could be a few weeks or months later. Maybe if I'm lucky, a few years will pass before I finally disappear. But disappear I will just as most of us eventually do. You see on January 3, 2009 I turn 50 and in the gay world that pretty much means I'm written off. It is a long process that starts as one approaches your late 20's when you suddenly find yourself no longer in the position of being the desirable youth (highest ranking position in the gay world), forced into becoming the older man (how funny it is from my nearly 50 year-old perspective, thinking that 28 makes you the older guy!). From that point on, it just gets worse as you age and eventually reach a point where you all but disappear in gay circles. Sure your family and friends will still see you, but walk into most any gay social setting and the strangers who surround you don't even see you. It gets progressively worse over the years and then at some point, usually around 50, you simply exit stage left.

I know many of you will strongly disagree with me. Many of you are already 50 or older and you don't see yourself in this way, as having been written off by the larger gay world. Maybe someday I'll come to see it that way, too, but for now, I've felt increasingly sad about my impending disappearance.

How to grow old in a youth-obsessed world? How to stay relevant in a gay world where everything is built around age, body type or dick-size. I suppose if I were 50 with a super muscle body and a 10 inch dick I'd not be having these thoughts, but then again maybe I would. Something tells me that all of us, gay, bi, straight, men, women, fat, lean, hugely endowed, hung like a pea, all of us feel something about who we are is being written off by the larger world as we get older.

Face it: we all know that older citizens are just not taken seriously. We may respect our elders, but do we really view them as people worthy of more than just our respect? I don't think so. Instead we reduce older people to a bare minimum, not viewing an old man as a person with dreams, desires, hopes and ambitions. More than likely, whether we know it or not, we view an old man as just too uncomfortable a reminder of our future. Maybe if he isn't around to remind us we can forget for a while at least that we're getting older, too?

For those of you who feel this is nothing more than pathetic self-pity, I'm sorry you see it that way. You see even though a part of me wishes I were still as visible among the rest of you, I also have no desire to be that ultra desirable -- the young gay guy. I like being older. I might appreciate the advantages of having the body of a 21 year-old. I might appreciate being as naive as an 18 year-old can often be, but the knowledge learned these 30 plus years since I was chicken is not something I'd want to give up. But how to grow older in a world where you're just not fully appreciated is the issue and one to discuss here at CRUISING for SEX since many of us are grappling with age issues. I suppose I could adjust my desires to be more for the older man, but as long as I've been horny I've craved the younger guy. When I was chicken at 21, it was a 16 year-old whom I plowed and plundered for months. As I grew older, the age of the men I wanted did get older and even though I have had some very hot sex with other men my age, my real lust is always for the college-age man (not so much the twink, if there is a distinction). I suppose at this stage in life I can be certain that will not be changing. So how to deal with aging? How to cope? I'd appreciate hearing from you on the subject. We've setup a forum on aging and cruising for sex. Old, young, chicken, twink, mature, whatever you may be, I hope you add your thoughts:


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Buddy List Winners!

Buddies we have 3 winners in our CRUISING for SEX Buddy List contest! A huge congrats to each winner!!

Lots of guys participated because it was, after all, a nice way to make a quick $500. Our 1st place winner of $500 is CapitalUncut from Washington, DC. A big congrats to CapitalUncut! This self-professed pig says he is versatile and only looking for bareback action. Check his profile here:

In 2nd place SouthsideCouple lives in a small town called Hampton, Georgia, located not far from Atlanta. We assume from the name they're a couple and their description includes this seemingly appropriate line: "Plays well with others!" SouthsideCouple also indicates sexual experience at the pig level:

In 3rd place is hnd_full from Hartford, Connecticut, who defines himself as preppy with average sexual experience. hnd_full is a bottom, only into safer sex, and as you might guess, he is a hand full! View his profile:

We'll be having another Buddy List contest and if you didn't win this time, you are already eligible to participate in that contest, too. Best of all, you don't have to wait for the contest to officially start. Add new buddies everyday you're online and you'll be way ahead the next time we have our Buddy List contest. By the way, for those who didn't participate, doing so is very simple. Anytime you look at another Cruiser's profile you have the option of requesting they accept your invitation to become a buddy. It is as easy as hitting a button to make the request so get started right away and maybe you'll win next time!

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