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Double Stuffed Boy!

This morning I awoke to see this message posted on the CRUISING for SEX Message Board that seemed entirely appropriate given how stuffed I personally felt after all that food from Thanksgiving day.

Post Holiday Stuffing

I stuffed the turkey yesterday. Now looking for another hole to stuff today. Who's up to be stuffed?

Then I opened up the latest from You Love Jack and, wow, Nicky Blacklock double-stuffed! Sure, stuffing his super thick 8 inch cock all the way into a transparent Fleshlight is fun to watch. But things really heat up once his favorite butt plug is stuffed deep inside his ass! Nicky is double stuffed and he appears to like it like that! Happy weekend!

Nicky Stuffed!

Nicky Stuffed!

Nicky Stuffed!

Nicky Stuffed!

Nicky Stuffed!

Nicky Stuffed!


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I Need More Buddies!

We're down to the final days of our Buddy Contest, your opportunity to win a quick $500 in cash. If you haven't been aware, the contest is all about adding as many CRUISING for SEX buddies to your personal buddy list. You have until December 1, 2008 at 12:01 AM. All the details are found below, though truthfully this is so easy.

Some tips on how to quickly locate new buddies:

1. Log into any of your profiles and do an advanced search of profiles (you'll find this under 'search profiles'. If you're just seeking names, the wiser course of action is probably to go with guys who are regularly online right now. Scroll down the search page towards the bottom, going to 'Last Post' and then put in a recent date. That will bring up the list of all your potential buddies who've been online in a specific time frame (many of them, no doubt, seeking buddies so they can win). Now go through the resulting list and select to add as many of them to your buddy list. Don't forget you must select the option to "Also send a buddy request to [YOUR BUDDIES NAME]."

2. As you search for buddies, you'll see that many potential buddies already have buddies. Those are perfect candidates to become your buddies, too. Hit up not only the original buddy, but his buddies, too.

3. Add me to your buddy list! I can't win this contest, nor can Gabe, our editor, but you can get two quick additions to your buddy list just by hitting us up to join:

Keith (me):

4. Add our moderators to your list! Generally speaking, our moderators are pretty active in their forum so they're more inclined to respond to any request. You'll find the moderator username for any forum just by visiting a forum and looking in the upper right corner for their name.

5. Do another advanced search, this time zeroing in on 'Post Count'. Do a search for guys with a high post count ('Greater than or Equal to'), then narrow that down further to 'Last Post' and make it a recent date. Those guys are the more active members and perfect pickings for your buddy list.

Now, go out there and make some buddies!


If you have the largest number of buddies on your buddy list by 12:01 am, December 1, 2008, you win!

1st Place Buddy List Winner: $500 cash prize;
2nd Place: 6 DVD's, a $228 value. Winner selects their 6 DVD's from the CFS Porn collection;
3rd Place: 3 DVD's, a $114 value. Winner selects 3 DVD's from the CFS Porn collection.

Please note in order for someone to be added to your buddy list and to qualify for this contest, that potential buddy must be asked by you to become your buddy. Doing this is simple: just click the option to send a request to your future buddy. Finally, that person must accept your invitation to be added to their buddy list. If they don't accept or simply fail to reply, they're not 'officially' on your buddy list for the purposes of this contest.

Employees of, LLC are not eligible. Any other registered user including moderators may participate. No purchase necessary. Spamming this site or others to gain buddies will disqualify you from this contest.


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Gloryhole Replies

I've been listing for a job online to construct a gloryhole in my new place and some of the responses are worth posting here. I think I may have stumbled upon something: either carpenters are disproportionally gay, or carpenters are more familiar with gloryholes than many of us would assume!

"Plywood-for security purposes. You get an over anxious man on the other side of that wall and just a thin layer of sheetrock won't be able to withhold him. So its a must you build with plywood."

"As a general contractor I would suggest that this be constructed of simple materials, 1 4x8 sheet of plywood and a 2x4 frame, with a 4 inch hole cut in the middle, cut at the height of the average user. Materials might vary according to the width of the area to be set up. it would be attached firmly to the wall just inside an outside entrance to the home, the user would let himself in but would not really be inside the house, Is this about what you had in mind?"

"That's great, everyone enjoys a gloryhole!! I have the experience and the imagination to make a glorious gloryhole."

"I am a carpenter, and would do the job for 250.00 and you supply the material and a free blow job from a female, will consider other options must send pic."

"pretty simple
carpenter here - 20+ yrs
have used them before lol
could barter for work to be done :)"

"Please give me a call about your project. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Phil 4:13."

"Oh heck ill do it for free."

"Hello, I have built many of these. You have probably seen my craftmanship on the internet or DVD. I take great pride in building glory hole cubicles. I am a licensed glory hole contractor."

So who do you think should get the job?


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Bristol and Levi Watch

My hunch is that one couple who were especially happy with the election night results were Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. You remember them don't you? Bristol is the 17 year-old daughter of Sarah, the Alaska abstinance champ, the maverick from up north, the former VP candidate, Sarah Palin. Days after the Palin clan were hoisted onto the public stage it was revealed that Bristol had not exactly been abstaining with her self-proclaimed red-neck of a boy toy, Levi. Bloggers quickly tracked down Levi's MySpace pages where he announced he would never want to have children. Of course they cleaned up Levi and flew both of them to the family values conclave in St. Paul after announcing the two would shortly be married. Well, unless that wedding has been exceptionally hidden from view (hard to believe, given how Sarah Palin craves media exposure), I'm beginning to believe this may be one shot-gun wedding that will not happen.

Normally, I'd not be encouraging public interest in what is mostly a private matter, especially as it involves teenagers. But then again, the Palin's and their fan-base are exactly the people who have a political agenda built around denigrating my private life, saying I'm not fit to be a husband to my boyfriend, and that my sex life is a threat to society. Well, hypocrisy is always worth some additional exposure and we're confident this sham of a wedding is built on nothing but political expediency and Christian hypocrisy.

Bristol is due to give birth in December. Anyone care to wager on the date between now and then when Levi and Bristol will make sure that child isn't born a bastard?

Bristol and Levi


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We're Fired Up

A college professor back at my days at San Francisco State University told his students one day the only way to really and truly wake-up American's to an injustice was to take something away they'd come to believe was their right. Is that what is happening in California right now? Most of us believed Prop 8 would not win. Even fewer believed organized resistance would break-out all over the state in the days following the defeat of the right of gay citizen's to marry. But on both points, we were wrong.

High school students are protesting for gay marriage in Fresno! Ten thousand took to the streets, not in San Francisco or LA where you might expect it, but rather in conservative and rather apathetic (sorry SD!) San Diego. In the Oakland hills this weekend the CHP had to close a highway because it was the route to the very imposing Mormon enclave overlooking that city, a route being contested by those angered that over $20 million hate-filled dollars flooded into the the Yes on 8 campaign for Mormons after their Utah-based leadership instructed them to do so. And if you really want to hit them where it hurts, singer Melissa Etheridge wrote a blistering essay in The Daily Beast that she would no longer pay California taxes it believes she owed until she is given the full rights of a California citizen. We're still waiting on a similar move from David Geffen, Ellen DeGeneres, and other affluent and out gays who call California their home.

Now this protest is spreading across the land and frankly, I am elated to see it happen. Go here to find information on a protest in your city or town: We've got one planned for this Saturday here in Atlanta and I plan on being present to show my personal outrage at a decision that was easily one of the meanest of an electorate in some time. Taking away a right to marry if you're gay in California has apparently woken up a giant from a long, perhaps even well-deserved slumber. And while I'd prefer we also show similar outrage every time a park gets raided because the men are doing with each other exactly what the hetero's do just down the road, I'll settle for this expression of outrage for now.

What really offers me hope with this new spirit of protest is the target: organized religion. I've long felt that organized religion is given a free pass out of some sense of earned respect (When, exactly, did they earn it? During the Inquisition? Was it when they blessed slave owners here in America?) and yet if you look over the period from Ronald Reagan till the election of Barack Obama last week, the one well-organized, highly public force in this country that pushed an agenda of hate and anger were the Christians (and a few Jews and Muslims, too). I'm tired of giving hatred in the name of god a free pass. If you want to believe in false prophets and mystical explanations for the universe, go for it. I choose to believe in science as the explanation for the mysteries of the world and I don't need false comfort to explain my eventual certain death. But if you want to spread your ridiculous notions into the public arena and even make them Constitutional as they've just done in California, then by damn, don't be surprised when a few angry groups show up at your gaudy temple and demand to be heard.

It is not surprising that this forceful anger at organized religion would come from the ranks of gay people. Our movement has, at times, truly pushed the envelope. When AIDS activists took communion in a New York Catholic church and made a point of publicly desecrating the so-called 'holy' wafer -- the body of Christ if you're to believe the cannibals called Catholics -- it was considered an outrage, but I applauded it as necessary. When we decided to legally challenge the Boy Scouts of America for excluding gay scouts, it was considered by many including myself, to be bad PR. But you know what? I was wrong. We pushed the envelope and it lead to change around the country, change for the Boy Scouts that has yet to fully materialize, but someday will.

Someday, when the history books are written about our era, it will surely be noted how hatred was allowed to mask itself in the guise of religion, and ignorance blessed by the leaders of the 'faithful'. Let us hope this new round of protest can help bring about a change of attitude about the separation of church and state. Maybe it will even lead more of us to honestly express how damn tired we are at hearing all the vitriol coming from pulpits in the name of love. I was raised Christian and I remember enough about scripture to know that Jesus would not feel comfortable hanging with those who called themselves his followers in the America of the 21st century. Instead, Jesus would join us in downtown Atlanta this weekend to protest injustice.


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Spotted Today: Nicky Blacklock

They're rightfully marching on temples out west and many of us are just beginning to deal with our dis-engagement from a prolonged election campaign cycle. What we need is some dick. Some hot young dick that can make us salivate, lust for, and hell yeah (!), reach out and fuck someone. Say hello to a You Love Jack discovery, Nicky Blacklock.

Mr. Blacklock has a monster thick cock and deviant sexual appetite. Before his session with You Love Jack is over, he fucks himself with a dildo and loves every minute of it! Nicky reminds me of a 20 something Matthew Broderick. A 20 something Matthew Broderick who likes objects up his hole. Refreshing!

Nicky Blacklock

Nicky Blacklock

Nicky Blacklock

Nicky Blacklock

Nicky Blacklock


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Bittersweet Toast

My boyfriend and I lay in bed together Tuesday night, a chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot at the ready, when a major chapter in American history -- that cursed chapter our nation brought on itself with the arrival of the first boatload of enslaved humans to these shores -- leaped forward yet again with the pronouncement from CNN that Barack Obama would be our next President. Amid an invigorating combination of tears and howls of joy, we uncorked our champagne and raised our glasses, "To Obama!"

Two days later that toast just seems a little bittersweet. Though as I write this early Thursday morning no one seems to want to confirm it as a done deal, it looks like the voters of California decided in surely one of the more mean-spirited votes ever undertaken by that state to take away marriage from gay Californians. The bitterness I feel during this otherwise celebratory time comes from the early analysis showing that over 70 percent of black Californians, most of whom proudly voted for Barack I am sure, also decided to take away a civil right, to make one group of Californians second class citizens in the eyes of the law. Of course the last group of Americans to have to fight for the right to marry someone other than persons approved by the state or church were black Americans.

Now I in no way mean to take away from the glorious historic turn with the election of President-Elect Obama, nor do I compare the racism and history of oppression suffered by black people in this country to what gay men and women have faced. But surely anyone with a love for the very beliefs that got a majority of American's to see beyond skin color and vote for the best person for the job on Tuesday, surely that same sentiment should have made it far more difficult, if not impossible, to at the same time make a group of people second class because of their differences? I just never believed a majority of the citizens of California would have it in their hearts to do what is surely a mean and nasty thing. We're talking love here. We're talking something as profound as whom you choose to pledge yourself to for all the world to see. Yet it appears that over 50 percent of California voters went to such a dark place in their heart, pulled that lever and took away a newly acquired civil right.

It has been said before and it hardly needs repeating, but clearly there is much work to be done to bring about some greater tolerance of gay people among black straight people. I see no evidence that white gay men and women are any more racist than any other group, and there would seem to be enough anecdotal evidence to support the opposite conclusion. On the other hand, it seems that black straight people remain stubbornly more anti-gay than almost any group in our nation. I know we're all coming from this with a very different historical perspective, but if we're truly to be a nation where everyone is given the same opportunities then expressions of love between two men or two women must be allowed the same institutional respect as those accorded to straights. Any other outcome is not the America President-Elect Obama aspires to lead.

Brent and Steve Getting Married


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Win $500 and Get Laid, Too!

Who could use an extra $500? How about if the "price" would be some new buddies? New sex pals? Hot new hookups? If you're intrigued, read on.

We've got something like 180,000 members here at CRUISING for SEX and yet how many have you included on your buddy list? To encourage communicating with other guys who might be looking for hookups and/or friendship, we're hosting a contest that runs the entire month of November. Winning is simple: if you have the largest number of buddies on your buddy list by 12:01 am, December 1, 2008, you win! Of course finding guys at CRUISING for SEX is absolutely free and that never will change! Get started adding buddies by going here:

What do you get if you win? Cash or free porn!

1st Place Buddy List Winner: $500 cash prize;
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Begin adding buddies by searching for guys you might want to connect with. First you must log-in to your free CRUISING for SEX membership. Go to the CRUISING for SEX Message Board and look for the link towards the top half of the page that says 'search profiles'. I'd suggest doing an 'advanced search' and then you can make your search as wide or as narrow as you prefer. For example, since I live in Atlanta, I created a buddy list for one of my profiles based on men in the Atlanta area. For another of my profiles, the one I use when hiring escorts, I narrowed a search to those guys who list themselves for hire. You could search for any number of criteria, to make a buddy list that reflects any number of your wants: dick size, ethnic or racial group, age range, and so forth. We've got over 180,000 possible buddies:

Please note in order for someone to be added to your buddy list and to qualify for this contest, that potential buddy must be asked by you to become your buddy. Doing this is simple: just click the option to send a request to your future buddy. Finally, that person must accept your invitation to be added to their buddy list. If they don't accept or simply fail to reply, they're not 'officially' on your buddy list for the purposes of this contest. Get started here:

HINT: Send an email message to followup or perhaps a private message to encourage any prospect to accept your buddy request.
ANOTHER HINT: Add an 'avatar' picture to your profile. Otherwise, your prospective buddies see that annoying question mark. (control panel > settings and options > edit avatar)
YET ANOTHER HINT: Make sure your profile is complete.

By the way, employees of CRUISING for SEX are not eligible. Any other registered user including moderators may participate. Also, no purchase is necessary and spamming this site or others to gain buddies will disqualify you from the contest. Enough reading about this. Get busy searching for buddies so you'll be closer to winning that $500! And of course, closer to getting some action!!

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