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Spotted Today: Joe With His Plumbing

Talk about an exit poll, 'er pole! You Love Jack had to find us a guy named Joe and of course he had to have excellent plumbing. While we agree that the official Joe the Plumber, the unvetted, non-plumber, not really named Joe, is hot, and we look forward to his move into the above $250,000 tax bracket as a result of his future country music career, I have to say I like the plumbing on this Joe. Of course the other Joe hasn't revealed his plumbing and given how false his story has thus far been, perhaps the truth is that Joe is a tranny who hasn't completed the transition?!

Our Joe starts off with his glasses on and I really and truly have a major weakness for a man in black glasses. He strips down to his boxers, strokes himself just enough and then out pops that huge plumbing.

Joe is into fucking ass but according to him, "Just because I take my women from behind doesn't make me gay!" We have to agree, but it sure does raise a few questions.

Speaking of plumbing, leave it to my dear prognosticating political friend, Paul, to declare last night the only thing he still wants to know about Obama is whether his biracial dick draws from his white side or his black side. Shameless, Paul. Utterly shameless.

Joe With the Plumbing

Joe With the Plumbing

Joe With the Plumbing

Joe With the Plumbing

Joe With the Plumbing


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You Gotta Give 'em Hope

Yesterday here in Georgia, local media found a line of voters who had been waiting 9 hours to participate in advance voting. 9 hours. To vote. It was in the thirties last night here in Georgia while these voters waited in line. The long held assumption that Americans are disinterested in politics has turned out to be false and every person who stood 9 hours in line to cast their vote proved that with their determination.

This is an exhilarating time for our nation: to see people involved again in civic discourse. To see crowds waiting hours to hear a candidate speak, or talking among themselves about their fears and hopes, and yes, waiting to vote. It is also a scary time, frankly. The nation appears poised to go with Obama, but does anyone out there not fear something sinister may put an end to all this? We have every right to be scared and suspicious. Just look at the last several years to figure out why.

In the 2000 Presidential race, the popular vote was ignored and a conservative court appointed our President. All might have not been lost had that President not turned into the one who would trash our Constitution, invade a foreign country without provocation, change official policy on torture, spy on all of us, and play golf the very afternoon a great American city was being devastated by flood waters. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Before Katrina, 9/11 happened and all of us were traumatized by it. All of us wanted leadership. Most of us decided we had no choice but to trust this President to lead us through those dark days, but we all know how his administration used that tragedy for political gain and a power grab by the Executive branch that would have otherwise been unthinkable.

Next came another election in 2004 and most of us were shocked to see that same President restored to another 4 years of power. Remember the exit polls that showed Bush was not going to win? Many of us, myself included, still believe that election was stolen in Ohio.

Now we find ourselves hated around the world, staring at the real possibility of economic collapse and in spite of all we've been promised by all the candidates this year -- we all know they're probably not able to deliver because we're a broke nation. Broke not just in the bank, but morally broke, too. A nation that invades other countries and tortures fellow humans is not a moral nation. Does anyone believe that the dark forces that have done all this to our once great nation aren't capable again of stealing another election? And then what would we do?

So with all this dire news, why are we standing in lines for hours to cast our vote? I believe it is actually rather simple: we've decided our nation is too great to give up on. Some of us have become more afraid because of the election and we're standing in lines because our darkest fears have drawn us to vote for John McCain. Some of us are in line because we never thought we'd have a chance to vote for a black man for President, others hoping a hockey mom becomes VP. Some of us are waiting out the lines because we are tired of the fear, tired of the choice to be ignorant, tired of being told we're not the real America. Most of us are in line because we need to believe in something. We need a reason to have hope. As Harvey Milk once said in a speech that will surely go down as the greatest gay rights speech ever delivered, "You gotta give 'em hope."

Go here to listen to some of that Milk speech


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Spotted Today: Jordan Young

It would be hard to forget Jordan Young, a big name in the gay porn business back in the 90's. I still get hard just thinking about some of his scenes. He was definitely an insatiable power bottom of the first magnitude. Being a rare in porn as an Asian also helped implant his hot body and awesome abilities into my porn memory banks.

Jordan, real name Billy Kemp, recently resurfaced in the news. What happens to porn stars when they do their last porn flick? Well Jordan, aka Billy, was in the news because of his recent promotion to VP of casting and talent for Fremantle Media which most of us know because they handle shows like American Idol. Originally from Montana, Billy moved to Wyoming with his family before his arrival in California which brought him to Hollywood and the attention of pornographers in the Valley. Pretty soon he was making porn, both in front of cameras, but also behind the scenes, writing porn plots and directing, too.

What I will always remember Jordan for is his performance in Driven: No Turning Back. How he took it up the ass in a tanning salon from none other than Tom Chase who, at the time, was THE big dick around the gay porn scene. Tom possessed the dick every bottom had to be fucked by to prove his abilities and Jordan excelled. Swallowing Tom to the base of his cock, then bending over and taking all of Tom up his hole, watching Jordan do this was a sight to behold. Inspiring even.

Congrats to Billy for the promotion! Your fans are proud to see your stints on your back and other positions so you could take it up the ass have not impeded your determination to succeed in Hollywood.

Jordan getting fucked


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Trolls and Other Nasty Things

Watch yourself as you stroll around the cruisy park this weekend. One never knows when you'll encounter a troll or old queen. How dare these old gay guys have the nerve to come out and show the rest of us our futures: getting older, getting larger, getting less hair, and perhaps for some, getting to be less desirable. I write this as an overweight 49 year-old (full head of hair, thankfully) who doesn't cruise nearly as much as I once did because, in part, I know for many who don't know me in those cruisy parks I would personify the very word 'troll'.

Earlier this week I sent a mailing to site visitors that included the usual assortment of tips and updates we've received. A guy wrote me to tell me he took umbrage at the use of the word 'troll' in that email and he seemed to believe it was actually coming from my thoughts. It wasn't. We get tips all the time about all those nasty trolls lurking behind every bush. For example, we got this recently:

Foster Bridge Canoe Access in Cincinnati: "Undercover State boys have made a lot of busts here this week because of the old queens and trolls who have invaded this season. The dumbasses actually whip it out in front of strangers. The muscle boys, soccer dads, steelboots, and daddy bears are still hitting it up though -- usually at the water's edge or across the way at the bike trail. Apparently, they all know each other and are taking the action back to each other's places. I know that a few of them live nearby. This was the best place in town before the trolls invaded. Now it's ruined."

Back in 1997 I wrote a lengthy column here at CRUISING for SEX asking that we please begin treating one another with more dignity. It is worth repeating in 2008:

Hurting One Another

In the pursuit of pleasure, when men are seeking one another for lovemaking, some of us are also hurting one another. Daily, I receive tips that make reference to undesirables. Below is a recent example:

"Being a fan of Basic Plumbing, going there almost every weekend, the last three weekends have been terrible!!!! Friday nights and Sunday afternoons were filled with senior citizens over 65, old and sickly looking, and also Filipinos and Chinese wearing horrible sweet perfume. They will let in anybody now. Sorry to sound so crude, but there are no young good-looking guys in the entire place..."

On this site, 'troll' is the more common way men express their dismay with other men they encounter in various public spaces. Racist remarks do appear from time to time, and there was a flurry of particularly hateful racist babble in the Communal Stalls for Maryland/Virginia/DC just days before the Stalls were taken offline (no real connection between those events, though I was happy to silence words of hatred as a side benefit). By and large, I let such comments go unchallenged, trying not to censor the tips I receive or the postings in the Stalls.

What has always amazed me about all this, especially the free use of the word 'troll', is that very, very few of you seem never to think maybe you are hurting MY feelings with your comments. How do you know that I don't fit under the category of "senior citizens over 65"? Maybe I'm a Filipino using an assumed name. The answer, of course, is you don't and maybe you really don't care to know these things about me. In any case, I just wish we could be kinder with one another. There is a whole world of hatred out there, but surely we could allow more love and understanding among cocksuckers.

What is a Troll?

In preparing to write this column, I spent a good deal of time pondering what, exactly, is a troll. Many men seem to believe that a troll is anyone who isn't appealing to them because of appearance or age. But this definition is, to put it mildly, fluid. As one grows older, for example, most men adapt to different age ranges for sexual pleasure. Todays troll might be your fantasy in 20 years! I refuse to buy into the belief that a troll is based on age, or even looks. Being fat or skinny or out-of-shape does not a troll make, any more than age.

All this implies that I actually do believe in the existence of trolls. I do. To me, a troll can be anyone who engages in what I refer to as "troll behavior." Let me give you an example. I recently spent two nights at the Habana Inn in Oklahoma City. You rent a motel room, open your drapes, and await the passing selection of men to see who will catch your fancy. One night, for about an hour, one particular man stood outside my window, even blocking the view into my room for long periods of time. He wasn't trying to be rude (I don't think). He was simply nervous about indicating his desires for me and hesitated for WAY too long. After about 20 minutes of his stalling, at the expense of other men passing by my window, I began muttering, "Troll!" And this man was about 30, in good shape, dressed nicely, and certainly fantasy material. But, after his behavior, I wouldn't have done a damn thing with him. Fucking troll.

We all engage in troll behavior from time to time. Those times when it happens because one is nervous is almost forgivable. The majority of times, when it happens just because you are pushy, rude, and an asshole, you should be yelled at and ostracized by your peers. When you don't know when to give up; when you refuse to remove your hand in spite of being told to "please stop"; when you practically move in to a particular tearoom or bookstore arcade and make a nuisance of yourself -- this makes you a troll.

Be kind to your fellow cocksuckers. Bad manners have shut down many a cruisy toilet! Take "no" to mean just that. And for gods sake, try to open your mind beyond race, age, and physical appearance. Just because you may not wish to eat out that fat ass, doesn't make that person less than human.


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Beefcake Mavericks

With a big banner over their college boy heads reading "Country First" a row of 8 good Catholic boys from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, nude from the waist up, provided backdrop for John and Cindy McCain today at a rally in the battleground state. Each stud had a big red letter painted over their buffed, mostly hairless chests spelling out M-A-V-E-R-I-C-K. I finally have a reason to attend a John McCain rally. That and a desire perhaps to revisit my childhood family trips to KKK rallies in rural Georgia just to see the show. OK, so they're not burning crosses (yet), but these nasty, bigoted gatherings where locals and the national candidates take to the stage to work up the crowd might as well be lighting the match to burn crosses on the lawns of many of us anti-American types.

I think the goofy looking "I" would be a great fuck. With all that Catholic guilt, he probably really enjoys it when his girlfriend fingers his hole. Imagine how much more he'd love it if hunks "E" or "K" would offer up their lovely McCain-supporting, All-American, patriotic cocks to plow his sweet presumably virgin hole? I'm sure some pornographer out there is already working on arranging just that. Better get them fast since I'm sure these true American patriots will soon be volunteering to ship themselves off to Iraq or some other frontline in the "war on terror" since, if McCain has his way and keeps us in this mess another generation or more, they'll have ample time to spread the message of American democracy with guns and bullets. More likely, they'll become respectable financial types on Wall Street, earning an honest living at an institution our unpatriotic, anti-American dollars bailed out.

By the way, I checked the CRUISING for SEX Sex Listings for Saint Anselm College and, dammit, there were none. What is up with that, cruisers of New Hampshire? Apparently the place to meet college boys off-campus is the often reliable pickup spot, Barnes & Noble.



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Spotted Today: Mickey LePorte

Head up to Montreal soon -- a note I had to make to myself this morning after seeing some new pics of You Love Jack discovery Mickey LePorte. This French-Canadian, puffing away on his cigarette habit during the filming of his jack-off sequence, is exactly the type of man you can count on finding up there.

His perfectly defined 6 pack ripples as he lays back on the bed and gets comfortable. Mickey's eyes are locked on his own 7 inch cock as he continues the perfect motion of hand on cock, stopping only to pay attention to his nut sack as the pleasure mounts.

He's in no hurry so he pops his finger out of his ass and sits up. His rock hard cock snaps back against his perfect abs as he reaches for a pack of Marlboro Lights and takes a little break. As he lights up his cigarette he continues playing with his cock. Mickey tells us in broken English, "Keep it hard but don't rush the cum!"

Take a look for yourself:

Mickey LePorte

Mickey LePorte

Mickey LePorte

Mickey LePorte


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Change Is In the Air

Autumn is my favorite time of year. It should be getting to Atlanta any day now. This autumn comes upon us at a time of uncertainty on so many fronts. It seems the news is growing more grim each day. But at least here at CRUISING for SEX, we're convinced we'll come out OK. We're free and these days that matters even more for horny men. If you're looking for free places to hookup, cruisy parks, paths, beaches, even subway platforms, we've got you covered. Of course we also have places at CRUISING for SEX that cost money, but to help you avoid wasting money and time, our Sex Listings are the absolute essential resource for honest reviews of every bathhouse, sexclub, adult bookstore and movie theatre around, plus all the free places, too. Where else can you find nuggets like these:

Main Street Video in Somerville, Massachusetts: "Been to this place a few times as I live right down the road in the projects. If you like Brazilian or Mexican men this is for you. Last time I was there I got in a arcade with a Brazilian guy in his late 50s. No English and a little bit of a gut but still hot. He fucked my face as I jacked off. The counter clerk leaves you alone."

Blue Door Video in New York, New York: "The theatre is now closed, and the booths in the back are empty, except for some old out of shape trolls. The worst part is the guy who runs this place and actually stands by the booths screaming at you to drop money."

Ocean Park Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico: "Be careful! I was sucking on a huge Latino cock and getting fucked at the same time by another Latin dude, and out of the blue a loud Latino queen came out with pepper spray and sprayed us with it. Luckily I was bent down and didn't get sprayed, but then all hell broke loose. Turns out the dude I was sucking was his boyfriend or something. Just be careful."

Fifth floor toilet in McFarlin Library, University of Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma: "Had my first BJ here. Dim, quiet, you can hear someone coming a mile away."

Club Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida: "Visited Club Jax for my first time on a Monday in October. Me and a buddy were there at about 2 pm and there were a lot of cars in the lot, but not too many men inside. After about 5 pm, it started to pick up. I got fucked by two incredibly hot guys, sucked one and fucked another, so all-in-all a very festive day! The facilities are a little dated, but they work -- the hot tub, sauna and pool are a lot of fun. I would recommend this place as a fun, relaxing spot to kick back and cruise some nice guys."

Enough reading about CRUISING for SEX. Go out and do some. Enjoy your weekend!


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When you grow up in the southern United States, you tend to have a sense of both inferiority and pride, often one feeding off the other. This region of the USA is a textbook example of what happens when the victors in a war decide to keep the defeated side "in their place." Over a hundred years later, and the South is still fighting that war and one way it happens is by having one of least educated populations in the USA. It isn't just a coincidence that religion holds so much sway in these parts. It goes all the way back to decisions made by the victors to keep the South down so the North could advance. Now what we have is a population that rarely questions what they're told and tends to follow the guns and god mantra. Scary right? Try living among them and see how scary that can be!

My friend Frank, a native to Pennsylvania, sent me this You Tube link of a crowd of Pennsylvanians waiting to get into a John McCain rally in Bethlehem, PA. The town name may conjure images of a place where the "Prince of Peace" was born, but these yahoos show nothing but incredible rage and anger. They also provide solid evidence that the South is not the only place where intolerance, narrow mindedness and stupidity can prevail -- so take that you Yankees who always think we're the land of crazies!

I sure hope the Secret Service are doing their job everyday for the Obama camp.

Sidewalk to Nowhere


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Traders Need Lovin', Too

They're talking crash now. They're talking depression. This is it, gentlemen. Don't you wish that Wall Street bathhouse was still open! My god, imagine the tension relief that could be coming down in those halls and cubby holes.

The first clue I had this was serious came when I realized I was actually watching CNBC. It has almost replaced my normal routine of working with CNN in the background. Now, it is CNBC for me much of the time. I've never owned a stock in my life and am one of those who feels some sense of contempt for the whole "investment industry." Maybe this new habit of watching CNBC came about because of some feeling of glee. Watching all this fall apart for many of us - maybe most of us -- is a true example of schadenfreude.

Watching CNBC is like watching the "Old Boys Club" live, with a heavy dose of Jews allowed into the club and a few hot chicks to remind the men why they want so much money. The men just don't cut it on the hot meat scale, though I have grown fond of the appearances of one Ben Lichtenstein who reports from the traders floor in Chicago. My traders tip: if you're in downtown Manhattan today, hang out in a bar, pick your hunk by how expensive his shoes look to be, buy him a few shots of well-aged scotch and see what happens.

Ben Lichtenstein


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I stopped by the Georgia Obama headquarters to buy some stuff and make a donation this afternoon. The place was packed and I ended up having to walk several blocks from my car. It was really amazing to see so many people working, or more like volunteering on a weekday afternoon. Mostly women. Mostly very young or very old. Mostly black. This lily white male presence was a cause for broad smiles and warm greetings.

Georgia had originally been one state the Obama folks believed they might win, but then the race tightened and attentions turned to so-called "battleground" states, but I would not be surprised if they put more money into this state in the next month, especially if things continue to look so bright in Ohio, Virginia, and Michigan. Imagine the message it would send if this state, deep in the heart of the Confederacy, voted to send Barack Obama to the White House!

Lest you think I'm naive, believe me I know exactly what Obama is up against. I stopped one day in Augusta, the second largest city in this state, and picked up a copy of the Augusta Chronicle, the second most widely read daily in the state. The lead editorial -- weeks before Sarah Palin was making similar charges -- chastised Obama for "known links to terrorism." OMG. But now, of course, they shout out "terrorist" when McCain mentions Obama at rallies and guess what? McCain does nothing to stop this! Truly an outrage.

After my stop at the campaign, I drove downtown to vote (you can vote in advance in Georgia for any reason until a few days before the election). Even though there were about 200 others waiting to vote, it took about 30 minutes to get my card and enter a booth. Today for the first time in my life I voted FOR someone for President. I didn't vote against someone. I didn't select among the lessor of two evils. I didn't have to hold my nose to vote. In fact, a huge grin came over my face when I touched the screen and put my 'x' next to Barack Obama/Joe Biden. I voted for someone I believe in and it felt very good.


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Spotted Today: Randy

Things are getting, well, active over at Active Duty! Dink has started doing far more frequent updates and when I asked him why, he said it was simple: "I have so many boys lined up. So many movies and galleries, we couldn't keep sitting on it all." Dink moved to California last year and things have really heated up at Active Duty.

One of his newest stars is Marine meat Randy, starring in Rear Admiral 3. Don't let that baby face fool you. Let Randy drop his Marine-issued underwear and watch his man-tool grow. And grow. And grow. Watch him use his Marine training to plow some hole with the intensity of a warrior. Here are some pics of Randy to wet your appetite!

The Porthole

The Porthole

The Porthole

The Porthole


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Porn News: The Good, The Bad, The Weddings

Even though I make porn movies for a living, I don't live in "that world." I'm an unknown player to most of the big industry types and that is mostly by choice. The industry, for starters, is mostly on the west coast and while I did spend over a month in California this summer, that was a rarity. Of course the Internet has changed what we think of as the porn industry, by allowing so-called amateurs to make major advances in a market that once could easily ignore them if only because they weren't in the San Fernando Valley. Nowadays, I imagine as much gay porn is being made in many non-Valley bedrooms as is being filmed in studio lots in southern Cal. Maybe because I'm at a distance from it all, I do enjoy reading about the industry and this week a few especially interesting tidbits reached my inbox that I have to share.

Cam Casey (go here to see our free porn spread of Cam [requires free registration]) is a great guy and porn actor I've worked with. Based here in Atlanta, Cam is going to be featured in a super raunchy bareback bukkake fuck video we'll be releasing soon. Cam is also showing up in a starring role in a new product line from Michael Lucas that was filmed right here in Atlanta. I have to tell you this news that Lucas is making fart movies left me rolling on the floor. Maybe I'm showing my ignorance here, but I was clueless farting was even a fetish, much less one that had a market large enough to justify porn movies from one of the better porn houses in the industry. Just this week, Lucas announced the release of his latest, Farts. Either he is way ahead of the rest of us or times are really getting tough up in New York. I do recall Cam telling me recently he'd shot a video with Lucas that involved watersports and farting and I thought he was just joking -- about the farting, I mean. But clearly I was wrong.

Depressing news out of San Francisco came with the report that porn stud and very nice guy Michael Brandon was spotted in a courtroom recently entering a plea on drug charges. Brandon who had a previous long stay in jail could be heading back if these charges stick. Anyone who has ever met Michael has high praise for him and so do I. We once attempted to work together but our schedules just couldn't match up. Alas, this news is one more rather high profile example of the depressing boom in drug usage among gay men. Brandon was charged with selling speed, meth and Ecstasy, drugs we've seen ruin many lives. These days if you suddenly notice a hot porn talent suddenly disappearing from the scene, it is far too often because he is too fucked up on drugs to hold down a role even as an insatiable bottom. I hope Michael gets the help he needs because he has brought many of us so much pleasure over the years and he now needs our support like never before.

Finally, if you're looking for something to do this weekend and you're in southern California, why not attend the post-wedding party for porn star Brent Everett and his soon-to-be husband, Steven Pena. Go here for the details in an event that could be a first in the gay porn industry for a major porn performer. I worked with Brent back when he was all aglow with love for Chase McKenzie, his hot red-headed stud boyfriend. They've since had an apparently not very friendly breakup and now Brent is officially marrying a man. I'm a little perplexed as to the legalities of this since Brent is not an American citizen and presumably not covered by California marriage laws, but perhaps it works because in his home province of British Columbia he has been legally able to marry for several years. I wish both men the best and all of us who lust after Brent hope he continues with his porn career long after his honeymoon!

Brent gets married!


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Spotted Today: Heath Hunter

Fresh, hot boy meat! Oh yes, we've got him right here in the body of Heath Hunter. Heath starts out in a t-shirt and jeans, then takes those off to reveal that hot, thin body in Calvin Klein underwear. Watch him prance around the room, on command of course from some horny daddy out there, bending over to spread his ass, then sitting back down, slowing removing that last bit of clothing,and propping his legs right on top of his keyboard. Damn, I'm getting a boner just writing this!! Truth is, if you missed the live sex show of young Heath, we've got a clip for you to watch and it is free!

Lest you fear that this boy might be underage (and he does sort of, kind of look like it), his handlers, Flirt4Free, always have proof of age on file so you're safe guys! Now pull out that bottle of lube, a towel, and get busy.

Heath Hunter

Heath Hunter

Heath Hunter

Heath Hunter

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