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My Weekend Searching For Gas

People are starting to withdraw money -- just in case. I've heard from many people, they've been withdrawing cash and putting it away in case the banking system were to shut down for a few days. I've yet to see longer lines at the ATM implying a panic, but I sure understand how it would work after trying to get gas this weekend.

I was planning a trip to visit family on Sunday and in my gas guzzling SUV, I felt I had to leave Atlanta on nothing less than a full tank just to be sure I had enough upon my return for a few more days of getting around the city. I started looking for a station Saturday evening. The one station in my neighborhood that gets a gas supply every couple of days had an amazingly long line Saturday when I drove by, maybe 150 cars. Holy mother of god! I figured I'd try again later that night. At 10:30 I got in the line, with about 25 cars ahead of me.

There is a system that works and it goes back to what we were taught as kids (well, some of us were taught), wait your turn. You can always spot the "kids" who didn't get that lesson from their parents. Mostly my experience has been that everyone seems to know we're all in this together so why not be pleasant about it.

I got up to the island after about 30 minutes, not bad. The man ahead of me was filling up his VW Bug and then, to my amazement, he pulls out not one, but two gas containers and fills them up, as well. I think to myself should I protest? This seems really unfair to everyone. The guy directing traffic sees this, too, but he sticks to making sure islands always have cars lined up correctly. So I decide to just ignore this hording right out in the open and eventually the guy puts his extra gas in the back of his car and drives off. I pull up to the pump, insert my debit card, get approval, lift the hose, place it in my car tank, push the button for the grade of gas, and then literally seconds later, while I wait on the gas to start flowing, someone comes over the public address system to announce, "We are out of gas. Our tanks are empty. Please stop attempting to get gas and leave the station."

The next morning at 10 o'clock I'm back at the same station because I see a tanker in the lot. I'm behind maybe 50 cars, but after 30 minutes of not moving at all, other than moving forward when someone in front of me gives up and leaves, I, too, decide this is going nowhere and off I go to find gas elsewhere.

I get on I-75 and drive a few miles down to try a new strategy. I know there are several gas stations directly off an apporaching exit that leads to some of the richest real estate in town. Surely the rich have gas, right? Sure enough, two of the 3 stations are open. I opt for Chevron, get in line and wait maybe 45 minutes. I get within 4 cars of the islands and then notice everyone is simply driving away. I guess they're out of gas, too, so I pull away from the line. I now see the 3rd station has just opened and so I run a red light and drive way too fast to get in a line behind maybe 10 cars. About 15 minutes later, with a full tank, I drive out of town.

This is happening all over the Southeast, but apparently the rest of the country has no similar problems. If only this were happening in New York City at least the media would make it a lead story and Congress would hold all night sessions to do a bailout of gas stations so the economy wouldn't collapse. Location is everything sometimes.


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Frank Pride As It All Collapses

What has struck me all this past week, when not fretting over the safety of my bank accounts or whether I can get gas during our continuing gas shortage here in Atlanta, has been how House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank has conducted himself. Barney Frank has been a key player in all the meetings including the big blow-up at the White House on Thursday and has been all over the media using his smarts and wit to provide some perspective in dire times. To say he is a pivotal player in the negotiations to bail us out or allow the economy to tank is spot on. Frank is truly a credit to his people, and by this I don't mean Jews or his constituents from Massachusetts's 4th district. Instead, I mean those of us who are gay. Those of us who enjoy a good stiff cock.

Apparently at one point Thursday in the Roosevelt Room of the White House Treasury Secretary Paulson got on his knees before Frank and other Democrats to impress upon them his dire warning that they not leave the meeting and report what really happened, that it all fell apart. A report this morning in the Washington Post relates that as Paulson, on bended knee, made his plea, "Please, please, don't blow this up," House Speaker Pelosi quipped, "Hank, I didn't know you were Catholic." I'm sure Frank was relishing the moment. He being the only out gay guy in the room, having this straight-laced Republican on his knees begging. I would like to have been a fly on the wall to witness a moment that would have been unthinkable by so many dudes in leather, drag queens, or those of us who were once ridiculed as sissy. Those of us who engaged in the struggle to be treated like humans by the very people in power Frank was an equal to that afternoon in the White House.

Making this all the more enjoyable is how media have been writing about Frank or featuring him in live interviews and not once have I seen them introduce him as the openly gay congressman. No one has mentioned his past and how he was forced out of his closet years ago. None of that matters. Frank is a serious player dealing with perhaps one of the most complex issues to confront our nation since FDR was in the White House. Out and proud and no big deal. Isn't that what we've wanted all along? Even those of us who pushed the gay agenda with kiss-ins and all sorts of actions to "flaunt" our lust and love to the larger culture -- in the end what we wanted was for our lives to be accepted for what they were for us, normal.

I nominate Barney Frank gay person of the decade, even if he ends up agreeing on a deal that will almost certainly bankrupt our futures. Personally, I feel just a little bit more comfortable knowing someone like Frank, with his keen mind and ability to handle complexity, is in the room for all this.


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I Have Gas

I have gas. Not as in run out of the room because I just passed some. I mean I have a full tank of gas. Big deal? Yeah, it is here in Atlanta. We've had very limited supplies in Atlanta and much of the South for almost 2 weeks. When you find it, you end up paying some of the highest prices in the USA. I saw last night on the news our gas was more expensive than California or New York. But who can complain about the price when you just want the gas. Of course our dear governor, the one who held a prayer meeting downtown to pray for rain back during the drought, held a news conference 2 days ago to say there was no shortage. Sure, I just guess every service station, every convenience store, every mom and pop that sells gas just decided to cover their fuel pumps with plastic for the fun of it.

I was driving home yesterday and noticed a very long line at an intersection and knew what that meant: gas! I got in the line and slowly moved forward, eating up precious fuel as my car sat behind maybe 100 other cars. But they'd seen the same thing I saw: a tanker in the parking lot of this station that was filling up their tanks. So of course I decided I better grab it now. This morning when I drove by the same station all their pumps were covered in plastic.

At least one thing positive can be said about this gas shortage. You're not really hearing widespread reports of people shooting one another for a place in line. No big brawls or arguments appear to be breaking out. I told the old man ahead of me yesterday that if we were in California, someone would have already been shot over gas. Southerners can be patient and nice even when they're putting up with circumstances that make you ask yourself at what point did we become a third world country.

Gas Line

Gas Line

Gas Line


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Spotted Today: Porthole Sucker

Have you seen the new Active Duty movie, The Porthole? I think I can take some of the credit for inspiring this movie. It must have been at least a year ago that Dink stopped by my place in Atlanta and noticed my gloryhole. Of course he had to try it and it didn't take long before someone was at the hole. Dink was in town with one of his military studs and pretty soon that boy pushed Dink out of the way and serviced a line-up of men at my gloryhole that night.

Fast forward to this summer when I was in Southern California on my road trip, visiting with Dink, and I couldn't help but notice this big hole cut into a door in one of the rooms of Dink's home. Dink had joked many times that he was going to install his own gloryhole. Maybe this was it? Well, of course it was, but for Dink the hole was also inspiration for a video he recently released, The Porthole. In true Active Duty fashion, Dink assembles 6 military hunks. 5 on one side of the hole and another very lucky guy on the other. I've got some pics from The Porthole that should wet your appetite for more from Active Duty.

The Porthole

The Porthole

The Porthole

The Porthole


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The Internet Is Responsible for All Things Wrong

I recently got some email correspondence from a friend I've known for years, a fellow Cruiser whose opinion I greatly respect. The concise version of his email: so much is wrong with his world and the blame is with one primary source, the Internet. Now I've heard this argument many times, whether they were taking the micro approach and blaming my little piece of the Internet on the demise of cruising or, like my friend, taking the broader macro approach and saying the Internet has been a disaster for our lives in general. While I have heard some of this complaining coming from younger men, the vast majority is coming from men who are at least 50, who I 'd say once embraced the new technologies but now are having serious doubts about it all.

My friend, who once loved patronizing baths, adult bookstores, and parks, went so far as to say he'd like things to go back to the way they were in 1978, in other words well before the Internet became the essential hookup destination. I took his reasoning to task by first pointing out he was basing this on a major assumption: those establishments would be flourishing now just as we recall them if the Internet had never become a force for hooking up. While I'm not trying to deny the Internet has played a role, indeed a pivotal role, in changing our sexual habits, it is not the leading enemy of public sex that some seem to believe it is.

Things change. We change. I was recently in Minneapolis and saw, first-hand, how a city can be de-sexed thanks to many forces. A once thriving public sex scene in that city has all but disappeared mostly because of so-called urban renewal where whole blocks of the city that once offered public sex venues were flattened in an effort to somehow revive an inner city, as if sex venues are somehow not essential to a city core. I would suggest that while the Internet could be on a short list of forces changing public sex options, more important have been economic forces. The boom years we've experienced over the last 15 to 20 years -- now seeming to come to a sudden crash -- have reclaimed a great deal of real estate that was once left abandoned by scared former city dwellers, most of them white. That real estate was left to be owned and operated by businesses like adult movie palaces, adult video arcades, and even abandoned woods and parks, turned over to the Cruisers. A perfect example of the latter from my own sexual past: San Francisco Cruisers once had no problems out at the Windmills precisely because it was at the edge of the city and people rarely visited that specific section of Golden Gate Park unless they were cruising for sex. Then along came economic boom followed soon by some developers who turned an abandoned building that sat on the edge of the Windmills into a microbrewery. Cruisers still hang around on the trails at the Windmills, but now "unsuspecting" people walk by, too, cops get called, and overall that once delightful scene is getting messed up thanks to development.

As the price of real estate in recent years increased in once abandoned or ignored areas of our cities, many of the perfectly law-abiding tax-paying adult businesses were forced out in a variety of ways. Many of the parks once barely maintained by local parks departments now are a centerpiece to some condo going up nearby. When affluent young men and women raised in the suburbs show up in these previously disposable parts of town, now living in their freshly purchased loft, built over the last year, but made to look like it was a former cannery from 50 years ago, and then those new loft owners peek out their window and see, gasp, a dirty movie theatre across the way, they get that sense of entitlement they've always had deep in their gut and end up demanding their civic leaders do something about it. Regardless of whether a problem exists or not, they insist the movie theatre is blight and must be removed. Usually they win. Hence the places we Cruisers once frequented are a dying breed.

Another major change is in our political climate. Let me examine how this impacts just one venue I once loved, adult bookstores with their sex-filled arcades. We've been living it so it is very hard to see it, but we're back to unusually conservative times. We can get blinded to this fact just because we now think nothing of the fact that a black man can sit next to us on the bus. But social progress in our lifetime has been short-circuited by other changes in the climate of what is right and what is wrong, mostly by the politicizing of so-called Christians. Since we can no longer make groups second class due to skin color or ethnicity, we now make people second class due to other things including desire, economic status, or even religion (read Muslim). Meanwhile adult video arcades seem almost devoid of the younger men who once comprised much of the clientele not primarily because they use Men4SexNow, but I'd say it is more a result of the conservative times. Talk to them and you'll often discover they are truly messed up with these conservative "values" of sexuality they're getting from various sources like those groups in schools that make you pledge to abstain until marriage. All of these anti-sex attitudes are something many of us thought had been vanquished back in the seventies. But all we may have gained from the sexual revolution has been lost on each successive generation that came after those years, as each group gets just a little bit more conservative about some elements of sexuality. We've decided it may be OK to be gay in our world today, but at the same time we've made a pact to agree it is NOT OK to be a sexually promiscuous gay man. We must meet our one true love and now we must marry. That message doesn't inspire after work visits to the arcade to drop some tokens.

One element of the sexual revolution that has thrived is having a very negative impact on the Cruiser waiting in some dark corner of the arcade: the sexual desires of single women! That other staple in the client base had been straight guys, but they aren't stopping by the local bookstore in large numbers for a quick blowjob. While some would once again seek to blame the Internet, I'm sure it has much more to do with the fact a woman is fairly easily available to do the job. While gay men have seemingly run for cover from sexual liberation, single women, especially women in their twenties and thirties, have embraced their ability to be sexual. To get fucked on the first date. To have casual and anonymous sex with men. To give blowjobs and handjobs and to even take it up the ass. Of course all this has been made even easier because of another development in our lifetimes: the greater access to women in the workplace. Women are now working side by side with men in every workplace, and guess what? They're cruising for sex with each other. Why should the straight guy come to the bookstore if he can get a quickie even without leaving work from a girl who works down the hall?

My friend also sought to blame the Internet for all sorts of changes in the way we Cruisers behave, claiming it had made sex a terrible and destructive thing. Blaming the Internet for our own personal addictions is just too easy. I don't know if my friend might have been inspired by that hit piece in OUT about how Manhunt is destroying gay culture, but in that piece the author decides to blame Manhunt for all that is wrong in gay culture, though I suspect it is just because he doesn't know how to control himself online. Well guess what? Most of us do know how to keep hookup sites in their proper place in our lives. Most of us are not addicted to them. Most of us know how to shut the damn thing off and go out into the real world.

How about we shut down all taverns just because some people can't cope with alcohol? How about we cease betting on horses because some of us can't figure out how to stop wasting our money on horses? The same applies to online hookup sites. Must all of us pay because some of us can't cope with how to use the on/off switch on your computer? I suspect had the Internet not become the big thing it is, those very same people would have found another way to fail to cope, to fail to discipline their lives. The problem is within each of them and not with the Internet!

On at least one point raised by my friend I can agree: the Internet is having some serious impact on ethics and morality. But actually I believe the Internet has simply exposed more of us to a fact that always existed: people lie often to get some! On the Internet, though, it has become a joke that people have dicks and then they have AOL dicks. I don't know how to tackle this one since I'm neither a preacher nor an ethicist, but I don't think shutting down the Internet is the solution (not that I think my friend believes that). When it comes to social ethics and morality, the Internet is hardly the only place where this alarming development can be found. Whether you look at the workplace where loyalty is no longer rewarded or Washington where telling a lie has become the normal state of affairs, there is a serious and troubling breakdown in what we think is acceptable behavior. Do we honestly think Sarah Palin could keep lying about that bridge to nowhere ("Thanks, but no thanks!") in a campaign 12 years ago? It used to be that liars, once caught, either apologized, explained or recanted. Palin seems to point to a different way: keep saying the lie and eventually I guess she believes we'll take it as fact. But then again, we live in a world where men lie to us online all the time and think nothing of showing up at our door with in a body that is about 15 years older than the one in their profile.

Among other issues blamed on the Internet is how online hookups make it impossible for a person to commit that he'll go with you that night. But this habit of people holding out for something hotter and better is hardly limited to the Internet. I've experienced it first-hand at the Steamworks in Berkeley on a Saturday, and that was years before the Internet was a major hookup option. I think it just happens when you reach a certain threshold of numbers of options in any situation. I've heard lots of men say they avoid sexclubs and baths on certain nights just because they'll be too many guys so nothing will ever get done! I felt this was the case in the entire city of San Francisco back when I lived there in the 80's and 90's!

Another issue raised about the Internet is the ease with which reputations can be ruined. This is a very serious problem, but I believe my friend is also pointing to the big problem with his whole argument. The issues he blames on the Internet all require human participation. The Internet doesn't ruin lives. Those who use it for that purpose do that. Maybe we just need to learn to treat each other with greater civility in all ways in which we meet including online? I would venture to bet that for anything negative you or I can find because of the Internet, others can point to examples of how it has improved lives. For example, the sense of community some see being lost is not being lost by those who are embracing social networking. I have some friends right now who mean so much to me and I met them just because we were online. Other pre-Internet friends stay in touch far more often because of email and instant messaging.

All this reminds me of the old people back when I was a child, sitting around complaining about how this or that had changed for the worse in their lifetime. For them it was television which was, in their later years, the one thing that had come along to alter the world in ways they had trouble coping with. Meanwhile, for myself having TV was just the way things were since I could remember. While I may still view the Internet as new, we're already into 2 or 3 generations who consider the Internet normal. I would suggest, as painful as it may be to admit, that for some of us, reaching a certain age, our time has come and gone. That the torch has been passed, for good or bad, and it is no longer especially important how we view all these developments.

I do predict one thing: change will continue. I further predict that the flight away from real world to Internet hookups is already in decline and people are slowly returning to the real world to meet one another. The CRUISING for SEX listings are thriving today. In fact the amount of data we receive is rising, not declining, as more and more men seek to find sex beyond a computer screen. I also predict that if we are entering a time of economic decline in the USA we will see a new proliferation in real world sex venues. As property values drop, adult bookstores will return. As movie houses close, porn palaces will be born. I think the only real question about this is where it happens. Will it be downtown like it was the last cycle or will it be in suburbia?

Is the Internet responsible for all things wrong? No, and I don't think my friend really believes this, but it is a convenient explanation for a world that has quickly changed. When someone asks me what it is like making a living from an adult website, I tell them the more amazing thing for me is that I do it using options I didn't imagine would even exist 15 years ago. The Internet has changed everything. But then again, maybe the Internet has changed very little?


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Spotted Today: Juan

You know those times when you need to get off with a guy but just can't get out to find a real, live person? And for whatever reason, you can't get anyone to visit you, too? That usually happens to me around 12:30 AM on a work night. Back in the pre-Internet days, you could call a phone line and get off with some other guy by way of some dirty phone chat. Now, you have the option of seeing a guy getting off on your computer screen. Tell Juan to raise his legs just a bit higher and he will. Take that dildo out and let you see exactly how long it is (long and thick, actually). He does it. The miracles of live sex on the Internet! Assuming you missed Juan putting on his little dildo show live, we have it on film and you can see it free. Just click here.

Juan with his dildo

Juan with his dildo

Juan with his dildo

Juan with his dildo


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Hurricane Season

Those of you who've never lived in the coastal areas of the Gulf or the southern Atlantic can't appreciate what this time of year means for those folks. My friends in California tell me that at least with a hurricane you have advance warning. Whereas with a quake, the earth just opens up and things happen. On the face of it, that sounds logical, but try living in a hurricane zone some September and see just what it is like.

One conclusion you inevitably reach if you live in a hurricane zone: you get the feeling "nature" is a really twisted fuck. First you watch the storm brewing way out in the middle of nowhere, but then you slowly find yourself following the thing, and before you know it, the routine of evacuation kicks in. After packing the car and just before you lock the door behind you, you survey your home one last time and pause, perhaps, to reflect if this will soon be gone. Try experiencing that a few Septembers and you'll see why the whole thing is so twisted.

When I lived in New Orleans, I usually left, but I stayed behind for one storm and have very fond memories of sitting on the porch as the sheets of wind-pushed rain soaked me while I got increasingly drunk with a neighbor. That one was just a tropical storm so I felt safe. As many on the Texas coast are learning right now, sometimes you decide to leave not because you think your home is at risk but just because you don't want to endure days and possibly weeks of no AC and no electricity.

Now that I no longer live on the coast, I no longer have to worry about such matters, but I still have friends and colleagues who do. One of them, Bob, has been working with us here at CRUISING for SEX for as long as I can recall. He wrote our entire Sex Listings database from scratch. When Katrina hit us in New Orleans, it was Bob who worked non-stop from his safer perch in Galveston to get us back up and running. Bob left Galveston with his partner, Freddie, after Rita and Katrina -- I imagine they saw the writing on the wall. These two life partners moved a bit inland to Houston and so, these last several days, the two have been coping with life before, during and after Ike. They got power back last night and say their property survived the storm OK. Still, it must have been a trip Friday night and Saturday morning hunkered down in a closet as they were, hoping the worst didn't reach their bit of suburbia, all the while listening to 90 mile an hour winds and all the things that fall down when that happens in your neighborhood.

When I asked Bob in a text message Sunday is there was anything we could do, he just asked that we contribute to the Red Cross. I'm sure he knew things were much, much worse for thousands of others including many in his former home, Galveston. So, if you've enjoyed CRUISING for SEX all these many years, and you want to show some gratitude to the man who played a huge role in making it happen, consider a contribution to the Red Cross.

Click here to donate:



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Gloryhole MIA

Hi I'm in town visiting my girlfriend. She hates blowjobs, but I really just love my dick sucked. I'm 23 y/o, 8 inches/cut. I can only do this in the next few hours so please get back to me asap.

I was hoping to learn more of your glory hole. My girlfriend wants to take her sub to one tonight. Could you please call me? I can have you talk to her too.

Hi, I was wondering about your glory hole, is yours the only one in the west ga area. If so, when are you available? I have beautiful big cock, you would enjoy it.

I get these types of emails almost daily. Sorry guys, but my gloryhole has been missing in action. And while I am back in Atlanta, I don't yet have a gloryhole up and running. I've been home since last Thursday and I've only now started adjusting myself again to being in one place, with no expectation to move in a few days to the next city. I did notice in the Atlanta CRUISING for SEX listings that a new hole has popped up at a local college and that a sexclub in the city is apparently a total sex romp these days. Much to explore.


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Spotted Today: Kip Wilson

Kip has that look we like in straight boys. Tight and natural little muscular frame and smooth chest, strong legs and a devilish smirk that could knock your socks off if you spotted him at the mall this afternoon. Straight boys have little problem showing off their rock-hard cocks when they do a porn shoot. They are at least as proud of their manhood as any gay guy I've met. In fact, I often find the straight guys like the validation they believe comes from being made into a "porn star" more than the gay men I've worked with.

The tricky moment in the shoot comes when you ask them to turn around and spread their ass. Straight boys are usually not comfortable with the thought that their ass is a sex object, subject to being pleasured and offering pleasure to others. Kip, the latest discovery by You Love Jack fell into the reluctant group. He was nervous even about a finger up his hole, even his own finger. A dildo? Well, maybe next time. Here is how photographer Karl remembers that moment:

"He dumps a glob of the slippery liquid on his fingers and spreads the rest across his virgin hole. Slowly he circles his butt with one finger then gently pushes his finger tip inside of himself. He stops for just a second as he gets used to the new sensation. Eyes glued on the camera. Then he pushes his digit all the way inside his asshole. His expression turns from excited to serious as he slowly slides his finger in and out of his sensitive hole."






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West Chester: How I Ended My Road Trip

Day 97 of my road trip
Man watch: College boys to drool over.

My friend Frank had told me that I had to visit West Chester, Pennsylvania because he knows how much I love college towns. West Chester combines college town with Main Line money and it turns out to be a charming combo. While technically near but not part of the Main Line, I'm sure many of the students at West Chester University come from Main Line money. Knowing I wanted to stop somewhere in Pennsylvania and also have a chance to visit with Frank, we agreed to meet in West Chester for what amounted to the last weekend of this summer-long road trip.

Upon checking in at our hotel, the front desk guy volunteered that they were full for the weekend. When pushed for more details, he related that the hotel was booked by two college sports teams. I almost passed out on the spot at the possibilities! It turned out to be the visiting college football team, the Lock Haven Bald Eagles, who were trounced by low-ranking West Chester that Saturday 37 to 6, and the Mercyhurst Lakers hockey team who also lost 3 to 1 the same day. In any event, the Holiday Inn quickly filled up with enough hot meat to satisfy any craving!

On more than one occasion, Frank ended up saving me from myself. Late that night when we returned home from our night on the town, we saw 8 or 9 college boys standing around in a dark corner of the parking lot, clearly doing something that required darkness. Oh my! My mind was on fantasy overdrive so I decided I'd bring along some pot and join them. Frank insisted they'd quickly see my aim and beat me up. Later that night, a walk down the halls of the hotel proved especially "energizing." Somewhat reminiscent of a bathhouse, only with all straight college boys in attendance, many of the guys had left their room door slightly ajar, as if inviting me to enter and partake in some lively pre-game team building exercises. Again, Frank saved me from myself.

All this got me to thinking maybe I'd stumbled upon a whole new way to cruise for sex. Find out the traveling schedule of some college teams and where they stay and keep showing up, playing the role of the fan ready to show my gratitude, or in the case of the night after they lost, to lend them some support to help soften the blow. I know! I know! This makes me a dirty old man, but if you ARE one you might as well wear it like a badge of honor, right? Next time I just have to remember to leave Frank at home!


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Cleveland: Flex Bathhouse

Day 96 of my road trip
$3.63 for gas in Cleveland, Ohio
Man watch: A city always has enough men that some warrant more attention, but Cleveland isn't exactly rocking my boat.

I added Cleveland to the road trip to check out Flex, one of the local baths, which has been open about 2 years at the former Greyhound Bus Terminal. I'd read all the reviews at the CRUISING for SEX listings for Cleveland and my expectations were not that high -- at least in terms of sexual encounters. On the other hand, when the local daily, Cleveland Plain Dealer, calls a bathhouse the "swankiest" in the country, the Cruisemaster needs to see this place first hand!

Being a former bus terminal, you'd expect it to be huge and it is at 50,000 square feet. You can easily get lost here and while I do believe I saw it all, I didn't exactly have a map with me. Among the highlights was the swimming pool that I gather is built out of the original bus service bays, a rooftop beach including sand, a full bar that also serves food, and a huge gym, worthy of any similar facility not located in a bathhouse. Even the basic rooms are higher quality than most baths with especially plush linens by bathhouse standards. Rooms have small televisions that show not only 3 porn movies, but also CNN and some local television. I watched the Republican Convention at the baths! The rooms and lockers (the locker room is the original used by Greyhound workers) rent for 12 hours but if you want the true hotel experience, Flex has hotel rooms including one with a piano. Some of the meaner critics of this place might say that the piano is about the only entertainment you'll find to occupy your time (that, and Wolf Blitzer).

The problems with Flex are fully noted by our site reviewers who almost universally praise the facilities but talk about the near total lack of sex. Alas, that was my experience, too. I visited during after work hours on a weekday and found about 25 cars in the parking lot, but saw maybe 15 guys hanging out around the club. Of course being such a huge facility, it would have been easy enough to miss some of the guys. You might also miss all the action in such a big place, but believe me I searched everywhere. I also hung around my room at least a couple hours and not one person of the few guys who passed by gave me any notice other than a quick glance. The one area I found where furtive public sex might happen, a darkened little hallway off the tiered seating porn room, saw no action while I was visiting. It was as if sex just wasn't on the minds of any of the guys. Not just that no one was interested in anyone, it was more like no one actually came here to find some.

What this place needs are more warm bodies, in other words a major marketing effort, and a bit more sleaze factor. Unlike for example Steamworks in Chicago, there is no attempt to make the sex that might/could/should happen here playful and public. I never found a maze which is really hard to believe given how huge this place is. I never found any conveniently placed beds for any orgies that might break out. The only sling I saw was in room 315, but I didn't find any sling in a more public setting. When I went into the public toilets on one floor it looked like it could have been the original facilities from the bus terminal. Imagine how hot it could get if they'd install gloryholes between the stalls! Things like that could help play off the whole bus terminal fantasy and maybe help break the ice in this otherwise excellent facility. Frankly, it is a total waste having a world-class place like Flex exist in Cleveland without serving the true purpose of any bathhouse, getting men off with ease.


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Mount Rushmore Inspiration

Day 95 of my road trip
Man watch: Too early to say about Cleveland. Check back with me later.

I'm sitting in a cafe in Cleveland and my great American road trip is winding down, but before I write my last blog entry from the road I wanted to show you some pics I took of people taking pictures at a typical summer road trip destination, Mount Rushmore. If ever I wished I had a drill to create a gloryhole, it would have been for the men's toilet here at Rushmore. The crowd was a fine mix of foreign tourists and high school boys, college kids with their girlfriends, and hot daddies taking the family on holiday. The scene on the ground was almost as inspiring as the big rock we all came to see.









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