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Denver: Swallowing Tad's Load

Day 22 of my road trip
Man watch: Denver men are definitely easy on the eye

It was half price day at Denver Midtowne Spa and I figured that would be a good night to visit. I've been to some of the best baths in the world, both best for sex and/or best for amenities and design. I say this only because I can be a harsh judge of baths since I tend to measure everything by either Steamworks in Chicago or Thermos Day in Amsterdam and some of the more recent comments posted at the CRUISING for SEX Listings about this place were definitely not flattering. If you read this and gave it too much weight, who'd go to the Denver Midtowne? "Wow, what a dump. The place felt filthy and rundown -- and not in a hot way. They do not take care of this place. This was literally the nastiest bathhouse I have ever been to."

Here is the scoop from my most recent visit (I know I went here years ago, but I recall nothing about that visit). First, the neighborhood seemed very safe and there was ample parking in a lot owned by the baths. The exterior is an old brick building that apparently once housed a bank until someone eventually converted it to a baths about 30 years ago. Just driving by, you'd have no idea it was what it is which of course means it could be easy to miss so slow down as you approach.

I was greeted by a handsome bald guy behind the counter and everything was straight forward. I paid $17 for my room with a TV. The guy offered me a smoking or non-smoking room which is a nice option. The room, no. 2, was very typical in a bathhouse way. In other words it was small with lights dimmed, a clean, thin sheet plus a very thin pillow. There was a wooden box in the room for valuables and the lock could be opened by one of the keys I'd been given. The television was showing 3 porn movies. Music was some variation on dance music, but it was hardly too loud for a bathhouse.

I changed out of my clothes and wrapped the thin towel around my waist. When are baths going to realize their clientele might appreciate towels that can better accommodate our wider waists? Not all of us have a size 28 waist these days! Anyhow, I set out to check the lay of the land. I believe this club is on 3 levels, but I never made it to the top level. The middle level is where my room was located along with the lockers and a hot tub. There was a door beyond the tub for going outside which I didn't do. Instead, I headed downstairs where I'd been tipped off from our listings would be where any group sex might be happening. Guys refer to is as the dungeon and I suppose it does have that feel, plus it is under the building. Cages, slings, and some thin mattresses make up a good deal of downstairs. There is also a maze of booths, each sporting at least one gloryhole and sometimes three. Guess where your Cruisemaster headed? Of course I found an empty booth and positioned myself on the small, plastic bench to see what might show up.

It didn't take long for someone to stick his dick through one of the two holes in my booth. The problem with this guy and many who followed was how his dick was so tiny, plus his overlapping belly didn't help me finding it. I had determined that my rule would be to service any good sized penis, but they kept coming along with these little things. I was beginning to think I'd stumbled across a meeting of the Small Dick Group (SDG), but then Tad arrived. I call him Tad not because we introduced ourselves, but because he reminded me of the one Tad I've known.

That Tad was from many years ago and he was the quintessential tree-hugging, confused feminist in a man's body. He had very long, very curly blond hair, a naturally fit body, and looked like the perfect "surfer dude." Those tall blonds had been everywhere to be found in Denver, so it wasn't that surprising that one would show up at the baths. I was very pleased that this boy knew what he wanted was the pleasurable relief caused by lips wrapped around his dick and my tongue stroking it around and around. Tad was a very hot specimen, easily the hottest guy in the club that night, though the bald guy at the front desk was far from chopped liver.

Tad gave me his dick to play with. He bent down at one point and asked if he could borrow my poppers which I gladly shared with him. This seemed to send him on a bit of a spin and it was when he bent backwards (amazingly he didn't fall) that I was able to get a better glimpse of his hot, slender body. No doubt his head was spinning so I turned on all my tricks to give his dick the lovin' it deserved. He took to the lovin' and before long I could taste his load first in the back of my throat and then all around as he emptied himself into my mouth.

There were a few other guys as the evening went on who weren't members of SDG, but Tad was easily the best sex, not only of that night, but of my stay in Denver. Even had I not had the pleasure of Tad's cum, I'd still be able to state the obvious: Midtowne Denver is a very nice club. I'd rank it among the best in the USA. Is it Steamworks in Chicago? No, but it sure comes close to that other Steamworks in Berkeley. On an especially active night it could provide a mind-blowing suck and fuck experience! As I walked out into the perfect warm night air of Denver I knew it was time to blow this town. After all, how could I beat the blow I'd just given Tad?


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Denver: Neighborhood Gloryholes

Day 21 of my road trip

I met my friend, Tim, at Tommy's Thai on East Colfax. It was weird: I'd picked out only two restaurants in Denver to try and as it turned out both of them were among his personal favorites. We had a great lunch and then walked over to a place he thought I might like, a coffee house called Hooked on Colfax. He was right and I've spent many hours working here. This end of East Colfax is gentrifying, but it still has a long way to go. If I lived here, this is where I'd want to live. The streets are still over-flowing with alternative types, while just around the corner you'll find beautiful old homes with well-manicured lawns and inside I'd imagine are NOT alternative types! Colfax is the longest street in the region and some claim it is the longest in the USA. The street runs from Golden, Colorado, all the way across Denver, to end in Aurora. 26 miles long, parts are definitely on the 'seedy' side and I suspect this section was seedy not too long ago.

On the walk to Hooked on Colfax we passed a low-key adult bookstore that blends into the surroundings so much I almost missed it. It turned out to be Book Mart East and I stopped outside long enough to take the picture (below) of their gay pride sale. Something struck me as very funny about celebrating gay pride with 20 percent off dongs! It never occurred to me this rather unassuming joint could be a neighborhood sex joint, but a few days later I found this out for myself.

Book Mart East is listed in the CRUISING for SEX Denver Listings, though there is only one comment and had I not realized this store was in my adopted temporary neighborhood, I'd probably never have ventured in. After all, many other adult bookstores in this town get endless comments from guys, extolling the virtues of what you might find or railing against the awful staff, conditions, or crowd. Denver is serious about adult bookstores, something that makes me feel right at home with this crowd. Anyhow, back to Book Mart East, it is located right next to the Bluebird Theatre that has a beautiful neon sign. Look for Bluebird and you've found Boot Mart East.

Retail will be on the right as you enter, with the clerk directly ahead. The guy on duty during my visits was always nice. Behind the clerk is the arcade. During each of my visits, there were never many guys hanging around. Even though there are numerous signs posted that the arcade is being monitored and you're not allowed to 'loiter,' I never felt put upon by the staff, though I also appreciate the need to spend money when I'm in an arcade so I did. During one visit, I spent $20 just waiting for someone to join me in the back. If you wait around long enough, someone does show up.

Many of the booths have gloryholes, but more than a few of them also have what appears to be signs of now boarded up holes, leading me to think the management may have a somewhat schizo attitude about what customers should be allowed to do in their arcade. Given the neighborhood setting, I would not be surprised if this place is getting some flack, but what a perfect setup. Would that I lived in a country where every neighborhood had a place like this for some quick in-and-out relief. It probably also explains why there were never large groups since this really is more of a neighborhood joint. Given the quality of men I see walking around this 'hood, I'd say just about anyone who walks in would be well worth it!

One afternoon I serviced someone through the hole who appeared to be a skinny, young Latin guy. Another time, a guy was older, a bear, but bear in being muscular and hairy, not overweight. On my last visit, all I have to say is the guy in the adjoining booth propped his skateboard against the wall. I do believe this may be the first time in my life I've sucked off a skateboarder at an adult bookstore who arrived on his board.

Denver is really turning out to be a great place for sex. The diversity of the scene should please anyone. When those Democrats arrive later this summer, this town will be more than accommodating.







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Denver: What are your stats?

Day 20 of my road trip
Man watch: young and lanky or older and muscular -- they seem to be everywhere

Welcome to Denver! Queen City of the Plains, the only city to ever decline an invitation to host the Olympics, the upcoming home of the 2008 Barack Obama Convention, home of Alexis and Crystal and all that Dynasty drama. This is probably my 8th or 9th visit, though I don't think I've ever planned on spending this much time here. A perusal of the CRUISING for SEX Listings for Denver indicate a wide and varied cruising scene, including just about any aspect of sexual release you can imagine. Three baths, multiple cruisy parks, a huge bookstore and arcade scene, and of course toilets that can rock, too.

The population is young, mostly white but also a sizeable Latino population. The "western attitude" is predominant here. People seem to rarely dress up to go out. Everyone seems fit. Bikes and skateboards are common modes of transport in some sections of the city. At CRUISING for SEX a quick search turns up 1,697 members in Colorado. Of those, 742 say they're in Denver, but Denver metro is comprised of some major suburbs so the number of actual members cruising these parts is probably a bit larger. For example, I found show-n-shoot in Englewood, a southern suburb. Take a look at his picture, below, and you'll be cruising the 'burbs, too! Then there is gsp47 who lives in nearby Boulder and as you'll see, below, he has a way with a tool belt!

Right here in Denver is guysexy, a 31 year-old bottom looking for a fuck buddy. denverdirtbike is versatile, a jock, and wants anal and oral, safe only. We have several very prolific posters to the CRUISING for SEX Message Board including btmcaphill, tightboifkr, and biguy1. I'm sure any of our Denver Cruisers would welcome you to their city. This seems like a very welcoming crowd no matter where you go.







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Denver: Diving in the Park

Day 18 of my road trip
$3.82 for gas in Denver
Man watch: Skateboarders, lumber-jacks, and rugged jocks abound!

I was just going to do a little recon before an eventual return to the park during my stop in Denver. I love outdoor sex. If I knew I was about to have my last sexual experience, I'd go to the Windmills in San Francisco to do it. From the Windmills to the Lido woods in Venice, Italy, the dunes in Provincetown to Central Park in New York, it just can't be beat. I always have a rule that I must visit any outdoor cruise area in the daylight with no intention of hooking up that first time just to learn, as my dad would have said, "where the exits are located." And so it was that I approached Cherry Creek State Park late one afternoon shortly after I got here.

Based on the CRUISING for SEX Listings, it seemed of the two cruise options in the park, Cottonwood Creek Trail was more appealing to me. For this you enter from the west entrance to the park, pay your $8 fee, and make a right turn a few feet from the park gate. You'll drive past some parking lots on the left and when you get well beyond the crowds, see a sign for Cottonwood. It is a circular dirt parking lot and once you park, head into the woods using the path just to the left of the park sign explaining the natural setting you'll be seeing. A bonus of any good outdoor sex venue is the fresh air and amazing natural setting that usually comes with all sorts of flora and fauna. Cottonwood Creek Trail is no exception to this rule and it is really worth a stroll for any reason, but the possibility of sex just makes it even better of course. Shortly after you start along the trail, you'll cross a footbridge and the further you go along the trail, the taller the trees and the more cover you'll find.

When I arrived, I noticed there were no other cars in the parking lot so I figured this place was dead. Good. The solitude will allow for some communing with nature. What I forgot is that a good deal of Denver gets around on bikes. When I decided to veer down one small path towards the nearby water of the reservoir I was met on that trail by a guy walking his bike back out to the main trail. Our eyes met, we nodded and smiled and I figured that was it. But rule number one is you always turn around and when I turned around guess who was also looking back? This guy, classic Denver type, was way outdoorsy looking in his tight fitting NOAA Certified Diver t-shirt and camouflage shorts. You could see his nipples sticking through that t-shirt as he stared back at me.

So now what to do? I didn't have to think it over because Mr. Certified Diver turned himself and his bike around and headed back my way. "Dude, I've been waiting on someone to come along. Got my family up the road so I need to hurry. You cool with that?" Duh! We can make this work, for sure!

We headed further down the trail as I let him go ahead. We got to the end as the trail dropped off at the edge of the reservoir. He put his bike on the ground and walked over to some tall bushes that would help hide him from any persons passing by boat. As if to be clear what was expected, he quickly unzipped the fly to his shorts, let the shorts drop to his knees and there stood his already half-hard cock. I dropped to my knees in front of him and began sucking him as his cock expanded into the back of my throat. "Can you play with my nipples?" I actually don't think I'd said anything up to this point and I just kind of grunted approval and reached up to lift his t-shirt so I could twist his nips with my hands. That definitely seemed to work miracles because he was truly rock hard as I played with his nipples.

"Look, if you don't want to do this that is cool, but my ass is clean and I'd like it if you'd lick it some?" That explanation was hardly necessary. Just turn around Mr. Certified Diver and I'll do my best. And I did and he kept his dick hard by stroking himself and next thing I knew a stream of cum was being released onto the ground. I took one more deep taste with my tongue pushing into his asshole before he began pulling up his pants. "You have no idea how much I needed that. Why I can't get the wife to eat my buttocks I just don't get." And then I finally spoke, "Doesn't know what she is missing." Yes he said "buttocks," not the typical description I've heard often.

He was already over by his bike and soon he was gone. I lay down on the ground and stared up to the skies, "Welcome to Denver" I said to no one, just myself.

Cottonwood Trail

Cottonwood Trail

Cottonwood Trail

Cottonwood Trail


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Crossing Kansas

After my stopover in Kansas City it was time for the 9 hour drive across Kansas and eastern Colorado. I took two days making the crossing, allowing for some stopping along the way. Kansas along I-70 starts with rolling hills but the further west you go, you find yourself more and more in flatter territory, the High Plains as the region is known. By the time I reached western Kansas it was 100 degrees as I rolled into town late that evening. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

As I left Kansas City, I could see lighting bolts ahead and ominous clouds. When I reached Topeka, I decided to pull off for lunch and not only myself, but all the locals at Freddy's Frozen Custard were all gathered around looking north. After all, only days before a town I was soon to drive past, Chapman, had been pretty much taken off the map by a tornado. Between the tornado's and flooding, these were not good times in middle America. By the time I'd finished a steakburger, fries and some custard, it was sunny outside and I returned to my westward drive.

Next stop was to be Wamego, the home of the Oz Museum. This being Kansas, this isn't the only museum in the state to acknowledge the connection between the book and movie with a state that is known by little else in the rest of the world. Apparently the only connection between Oz and the town of Wamego is a former local, Tod Machin, who fell in love with the movie as a kid and put together a collection of Oz memorabilia which he eventually gave to the town. Judging from the prominent picture of Tod with his two terriers, I'd say he is most definitely a "friend of Dorothy." In any event, you get to see an original first edition of Frank Baum's 1900 book, an internal memo from the crew wanting to send some of the midgets home after several altercations, and some cute life-size depictions of all the characters from Wizard of Oz.

For my next stop, I drove just 15 miles down the road to Manhattan, wanting to just do a cursory drive through a town I'd been curious to see. Manhattan could be perfect for straight-boy hunting. The median age is 24 years. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there are 105.4 males according to the census data I found. Not only is it home to Kansas State University, it is also home to Fort Riley, a very large Army base (!!!). Even during summer when school was out, my quick drive revealed more than a handful of very hot guys around the town. The town and campus had been hit by a tornado only days before but I didn't stumble across any damage. This town is definitely worth a return visit, though that average low of 15 degrees in the winter is not appealing.

Much further down the road was the town of Goodland. Put the town in your Google map for a satellite shot and you may be amazed at what you see. I was. Of course when I told my boyfriend to do the same, he only wanted to know if I was stoned! It is interesting to see the view from above of mostly flat Kansas, and it is by the time you reach Goodland. Look at the picture I grabbed from Google and tell me that doesn't resemble a work of modern art you might see hanging in a gallery.

But back to Goodland, this part of Kansas is where you go to see sunflowers when they're in bloom. And if they're out of season you can still see some gigantic sunflowers courtesy of a painter who has erected what is proclaimed the world's largest easel on which sits a re-do of the famous Van Gogh painting of sunflowers. OK, so maybe it is a little tacky, but in these parts it is rather common to create some freakish excuse to convince people to stop and set a spell. You can see the easel from I-70 but I'd recommend a stop to sit on the benches and reflect on the big easel with the Dollar Store, Pizza Hut and Bubba's Meat Shop providing background.

By the way, in contrast to Missouri where I counted over a dozen adult bookstores and strip joints over about 200 miles along I-70, I saw only 2 similar businesses along this stretch of I-70 and both of them looked beyond derelict! The lesson being if you're wanting to grab some along I-70 do it before leaving Missouri.








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Perfect Day in Kansas City

Day 16 of my road trip
$3.93 a gallon for gas in Kansas City
Man watch: If you like them tall, big-boned and blond this is a good place!

Kansas City, for those who have never been, is two separate cities, one in Kansas and one in Missouri. The larger city with much more to see and do is the one in Missouri. I've visited a few times and always find Kansas City one of the more pleasant stopovers in the Midwest. The men are hot if you like the type (hearty blond stock), the food can be as authentic as any in the USA, and the sex scene is far from dull. This was to be a brief visit, but I had one full day to devote to the city and planned it around these 3 criteria.

The day started with a stroll down hill (yes, they have steep hills here) to Country Club Plaza to get some coffee and settle in to check e-mail and enjoy the view. To anyone who has enjoyed shopping at Union Square in San Francisco, One Magnificent Mile in Chicago or Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, you owe a debt to the people of Kansas City who pioneered outdoor malls built for the car. Country Club Plaza was the original model when it started in 1922. The shopping is on the dull side (for me) since it is mostly the same chains you'd find anywhere, but the setting and the Spanish architectural style appeals.

By afternoon I was ready to head over to the notorious Strand Theatre. This theatre opened back in the 1930's and has been showing porn for the last 2 or 3 decades. I've read some amazing things about sex here, posted in the CRUISING for SEX Listings for Kansas City, and frankly arrived with a healthy dose of skepticism. Could a place like this still exist? Most of the big screen theatres around the USA showing porn have not survived the economic boom in recent years. The Strand is one of the last from a time before the VCR when people had to go out to watch porn. If I was to believe all I've read, it was a veritable heaven for a sex pig!

There are two screens, one showing straight porn, the other gay. I first entered the one downstairs that shows straight fucking. I was greeted by two immediate turn-offs: the slight smell of shit coming from something or someone and a way too graphic big-screen (the use of the term big-screen is being generous) image of a wide open, well fucked vagina. Okie dokie. I waited for my eyes to adjust (and my nostrils) before walking around. This is the larger theatre and while I did see one hetero couple during my visit, everyone else in both theatres were men. Altogether, there must have been 25 or 30 guys on a Saturday afternoon. It was about an even split between black and white guys, plus one Asian guy and maybe a few Latin men. Most men were over 30, but a good half-dozen were in their twenties. I doubt anyone was older than 50.

I looked around for any hidden spaces that might be considered more private and none were to be found. In other words, if you like public displays of sex this could be perfect for you. Certainly the sex I saw and had was all very public. In classic porn theatre style, guys preferred to line-up along the back wall when they wanted to be serviced. The same "rules" apply upstairs, too, where the gay porn was showing.

So how was it for sex? Well, when a guy with a belly in his 40's has a dick up his ass 30 minutes after arriving, I'd have to give it a thumbs up! Especially when that dick belonged to an athletic stud who had assumed the position along the back wall. And this wasn't the only time I scored. If you're aggressive, you'll do very well here because there are many types of men and no one is into wasting time other than a few shy types. On more than one occasion the pleasant man on duty would walk around the theatres, sometimes stopping to take in the sex, but never interfering. In other words, for what it is, this IS sex pig heaven.

By the way, for trivia buffs which Real World reality show guy was arrested at the Strand? If you're curious to know, read all about it here.

Speaking of heaven and pigs, after I was done at the Strand I drove out to check one of the many barbeque joints in a town that has made consuming barbeque a cult. I headed to LC's which had recently been named one of the top 10 BBQ joints in the USA by Details. I ordered a serving of burnt ends (just what it sounds like), potato salad and pork and beans. The pork was to die for -- perfectly spiced and sweet like I like it. The potato salad reminded me of what Annie Lou made for us when I was a kid and the beans, oh child they were easily light years ahead of any I'd ever had. Overall, LC's was fantastic.

As I finished my last burnt end, slathered in the tasty sauce, I was as totally and completely satisfied as one can be in this world. Hot sex in the afternoon with some really sexy studs followed by delish BBQ -- two reasons to always put Kansas City on my map.

Kansas City

Kansas City


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Giving the Porn Consumer What They Want

Josh Weston goes condomless!

The very popular online porn blog Gay Porn Times reported last month how certain factions of the porn industry were absolutely up in arms over the decision by porn hunk Josh Weston (formerly with Falcon and Colt) to become only the more recent porn star making condomless porn, much as another porn legend, Mario Ortiz, did the same with our newest release, Double Dick the Twinks. Reading the comments to this posting about Josh got me to thinking what the porn consumer might actually think of all this. Clearly, if you simply use as your barometer dollars spent, the consumer has already decided they prefer their men to fuck without condoms. I suspect if you asked the average porn consumer, they might offer up something else of far greater concern! Maybe they'd prefer we obsess about quality control more than we do if a model pretends to take loads up his ass (OK, so it isn't always pretend, but often in bareback porn that load you see is a milkshake). Certainly in following a thread at the Large Penis Support Group forum on the topic of porn people like, not one person has mentioned not liking a studio because they make porn without condoms. They have, on the other hand, mentioned lame plotlines and seemingly bored models as issues for them.

Would that our industry had spent all the time we did on pontificating about bareback porn instead debating whether much of the porn we make is actually worth buying! How about we spend this much effort figuring out how we can improve on the quality of our products? We might start by insisting on honest video reviews at various websites and print media. How about an honest awards show that actually rewards people for making a good product and not just because they bought a full page ad? At least when Hollywood makes bad product the consumer can be warned with an honestly negative review or, when they make something truly worthy, be enticed to see a movie after industry insiders hand out awards.

The debate over whether to make porn without condoms is reaching a conclusion. The marketplace is deciding for us that to make money requires not insisting on condoms for your models. Falcon can dismiss the president of their company because he decides to finally let models eat cum (that seems to have played a role in the recent sudden departure of Todd Montgomery), but the time is coming when Falcon, and yes even Ms. LaRue will have to conclude condoms are not to always be part of the wardrobe worn by the men we hire.

Those of us who make porn work for the consumer, and I suspect a fair amount of them wish we'd stop pretending we are safe sex educators and actually fulfill our role as entertainers, giving them what they want -- good value for their money.


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Kansas City Bound

Day fourteen of my road trip
3.83 for gas in Corydon, Indiana
3.79 for gas near Columbia, Missouri

In my drive west on I-64 and I-70 a good deal of the land I could see was underwater. In many places it looked like one big lake with rivers like the Wabash at abnormally high levels. This Katrina survivor can appreciate what is happening right now for the people in places like Coralville, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. The national media coverage is seriously lacking and at a time when tens of thousands may have lost everything what do the city folks back east focus on? The crops of course and how it may impact THEIR pocketbook. Meanwhile one of America's great university campuses is underwater, and vital cities such as Cedar Rapids are facing destroyed downtowns and neighborhoods with block after block under water.

My goal on this drive was to cover 3 states in an 8 hour drive, passing across Indiana, Illinois and Missouri before stopping in Kansas City for a brief visit. It rained and rained until I got beyond Saint Louis. Ominous clouds were always on the horizon. I passed the town of Santa Claus, drove past an abbey and a monastery, and then an Amish buffet before pulling over at Indiana exit 57 when I saw the 231 Adult Plaza billboard announcing "Showclub, Bookstore, Restaurant, Motel." It seemed like I was in the middle of nowhere, but then again it was raining very hard and perhaps I just wasn't able to see everything. I parked and ran for the door. It was a weekday morning and raining heavy so I didn't expect much and I was not disappointed. Other than a few older gentlemen sitting at the bar inside the "Love Boutique" enjoying early morning cocktails and the lady dancing on stage, this place seemed dead. But I did notice the big poster announcing a male dance revue later that month and a big swingers night coming soon. Convenient for any hookups, there is a motel right next door with rooms for $40 and a claim that every room shows over 200 movies. I have a feeling that were the end of the world not happening across these parts of the Midwest, this place could be interesting. I made a mental note to re-visit in the future as I skedaddled out the door, back to my car and onto I-64.

Beyond Saint Louis the drive across Missouri on I-70 seems to be an almost non-stop selection of adult businesses. There must be at least a dozen adult bookstores, strip clubs and arcades along this route, mostly in rural Missouri. In a span of less than 200 miles and in places without substantial population, somehow this portion of I-70 has become something you might call the I-70 Corridor for Adult Action. Every time I drive this road I tell myself someday I have to check out all these places. Some of them are in the news because of local resistance to their presence, leading to picketing and lawsuits, but still they remain. One of these days I must stop at all of them. Today, though, I've got my mind set on one thing: getting to the end of my drive. The highlight of my day is a stop at Culvers. Damn good butter burger!

I-64 westbound

I-64 westbound

I-64 westbound

I-64 westbound


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Southern Indiana Republican Porn Movie

Day twelve of my road trip
4.15 for gasoline in Louisville (it was 3.99 at the same station just yesterday)
Louisville, KY: so hot that all the men just keep taking off their clothes!

Damn, I just drove back from Clark County in Indiana, just across the Ohio River from Louisville, sat down, opened up my 'puter and saw this news development today that reads like a plot from a porn movie! Here we have the chairman of the Clark County Republican Party, who is also the recently elected president of the Young Republican National Federation, 33 year-old Glenn Murphy, caught giving head to a sleeping 22 year-old man who was sharing a bunk bed during a sleepover. Murphy had been sleeping on the top bunk, while his unwilling partner was on the bottom. Am I missing something here? Do adults often find themselves sleeping in bunk beds? At least in my experience, grown men in bunk beds are usually in porn movies.

All this happened during a July sleepover, but the story surfaced again today because Murphy who apparently originally claimed this was consensual, entered into a plea agreement that will send him away for 2 years of a 6 year sentence (4 years of the sentence were suspended). 2 years for rape seems a bit light for me, but then again many might not even see this as rape. It is a discussion we rarely have among men, can a man really be raped? Of course the answer is yes, but apparently the penalty is vastly different compared to when a man rapes a woman.

Of course rape isn't a joke, but that doesn't stop my fantasies nor does it stop all of us from once again marveling that these Republican politicians just seem pre-destined to be closet cases!

Now I know you're probably a bit curious why was I in Indiana today! Well, fellow Cruisers I was visiting Theatre X over in Clark County. It is hard not to think had Mr. Murphy done the same he wouldn't be facing jail time. While there are similar adult establishments in Louisville, it seems most men have usually crossed the river for this kind of entertainment. I've been to Theatre X a few times over the years and usually find some fun.

It really is an ideal example of how to to run an adult establishment. The place is clean, feels safe, the staff are pleasant, the retail end of the business is well-stocked and overall, you just feel good that you're spending your money here. So simple really, but few adult businesses bother to do even the minimum level of service for their customers. I was having dinner last night with local porn stud Rob Rodin and he told me a good time to visit is when the theatre shows only gay flicks. Theatre X has a theatre (perhaps 2? I've never visited the theatre), plus a huge section for peep booths including a small section with girls to do private shows. Many of the booths have either peep holes or gloryholes and those holes can be small enough for a finger or large enough for your face!

To enter the peeps, you must purchase $5 in tokens, plus you can use paper money in the booths. There are over 60 videos showing, but one of those tokens gets you only a few seconds. On the other hand, this place seems to never hassle you to drop tokens. It would seem you could stand around all day and never get told to keep moving. I guess because they already have your five bucks, they don't really care what you do with your time.

I stood around about an hour this afternoon, myself and about 10 other men. We all seemed to be waiting on the same thing: some super horny dude to wander in from the road looking for quick relief. Had he materialized, I'm sure we all would have rushed for him and the horny soul would have fled the scene. I got the feeling I was competing with 10 other very determined cocksuckers. Not wanting to be around for any nasty fights, I left early enough to avoid rush hour traffic. In past visits, I'd always stumbled upon some horned up men who were pleasing to my eye, but this time I struck out. I may very well head over again tonight to see if the late night crowd is any better. So far, though, I've been living the hermit life here in Louisville.

Theatre X

Theatre X


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Kentucky: What are your stats?

Day ten of my road trip
Louisville, KY: can it be the men are hotter here? Even hotter than Lexington?

Finding the right coffee house is critical for me when I arrive in a new city. Louisville is a coffee house kind of city and there is an abundance of choice. Yesterday I tried a place called Ray's Monkey House that was more left-leaning than any similar establishment you'd find in, say, Santa Cruz. Hanging on the wall above the barista station was what I'd call their holy trinity: from left to right, a picture of Jesus, a poster of Hugo Chavez, and an even bigger poster of the Dalai Lama. That night they were showing a film in the coffee house glorifying the latest left-wing dictator, Mr. Chavez. It was nice enough, but all those notes posted about no animals being killed here and no slave labor being used to make the chocolate syrup didn't seem to draw a large crowd so I left soon. Next was a stop at Heine Brothers Coffee which is the local chain and I much preferred them (FYI, I was at their Douglass Loop location). I especially liked sneaking glances at the hot young man sleeping on the sofa a seat down from me. I think he was dreaming about sex because I saw his cock wiggle in his pants a few times. Does this make me a totally dirty old man? Well, if not, picking up the 3 teen boys who were hitching for a ride outside a local swim hole most definitely does! OK, who could resist 3 boys, all around 15, in nothing but swim trunks and wet t-shirts. I'm sure most could, but I didn't cause I'm a self-confessed dirty old man. Lest you worry about their safety, I can assure you I did nothing but give them a ride in my SUV to their neighborhood.

Today, though, I found my coffee house, Day's Espresso and Coffee. Nice vibe, great seating and some eye candy. Louisville is the larger city in this state, but I'm finding, after a few days in nearby Lexington, that I seem to prefer that smaller college town (probably it doesn't hurt that I got laid their so often!). Downtown Louisville is depressing to me, with nothing visually exciting, some hideous high rises, and lots of vacant space. Head into the neighborhoods to find the best of Louisville. It has been horribly hot the whole time I've been here so many things I wanted to do are not happening just because I want to stay inside. I hope the temps drop because I really want to attend a horse race at Churchill Downs.

What about the stats for Kentucky at CRUISING for SEX? If you do a search for Louisville you find 211 members. For Lexington, you get 101 profiles. In the remainder of the state, you find 381 profiles. In fact, in my search some of the hottest men are located in smaller towns. For example, there is 'kasanova' in Bardstown, considered the center of bourbon production in the state, but forget the booze and concentrate on that hot ass, well worth a taste I'm sure. Or check out this Paducah guy, 'KyCub'. Paducah, by the way, just enjoyed some high-profile exposure in the New York Times as an up-and-coming arts destination.

I'll see what happens in my sexplorations of Louisville. After all, I had lots of fun in Lexington, a city recently picked by a national men's magazine as the absolute worst place in America to find sex! But then again, it also ranked worst for carbon-footprint (whatever that is) and if that isn't enough, it is considered the worst city if you suffer from spring allergies. Oh my, such stats!








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Kentucky Horse Hung

Day eight of my road trip
Lexington, KY: hot men everywhere!

When you think of Kentucky you probably think of horses and bourbon. My love of bourbon was the original reason I first came here years ago. They have a bourbon region where you can visit the distilleries and sample the product, much like you do wine in other parts of the world. Horses are the other big draw and that got me to thinking about horse hung men, a few notable examples who live right here in Kentucky. There is, for example, Devon Moss, the rising porn star who lives here in Lexington. Then there is my friend Rob Rodin who lives in Louisville and is featured in some CRUISING for SEX porn including our newest release, Double Dick the Twinks. Rob, with his extra thick 8 incher is what you'd call horse-hung. But what does that mean? To be horse hung? Where does it come from? Why not do the research while sitting here in Kentucky, I thought to myself this morning?

Obviously horse hung implies you're very well endowed and of course it assumes horses are, too. I recall one year when CRUISING for SEX had a booth at IML we were directly opposite another vendor selling beastiality porn. Try competing with a constantly playing DVD showing a woman getting fucked by a horse! Even with our honored guest, horse hung Chris Neal, it was hard to get anyone to turn away from the horse sex to see us. It would seem that horses are the animals to which we measure our own dick size, and guess who always comes out on the short end?

According to a website prepared by the 4-H Club, on the subject of horse penis size "when not erect, the penis is 50 cm long and 2.5 to 6 cm in diameter with the distal end 15 to 20 cm free in the prepuce. When erect, the penis doubles in length and thickness and the glans increases by 3 to 4 times." For those of you (like me) who are challenged by whatever the fuck 'cm' stands for, 50 cm is equal to 19.7 inches. That is 19.7 inches SOFT! In other words, horse hung is something that could kill you. Fortunately for humans, horse hung starts around 8 inches and ends around 12 and there are very, very few with 12.

Anyhow, I visited the Kentucky Horse Park the other day and have some good pictures of some of the studs.

Kentucky Horse Park

Kentucky Horse Park


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Lexington: Blowing This Town Some More

Day seven of my road trip continued
3.93 for gasoline in Lexington
Lexington, KY: the caliber of men is as good as it gets!

Freaked out from my encounter with the kid at the mall (go here to read about that), but still horny, I decided to check the toilet scene at the University of Kentucky. There are a few listings for UK, but the one that I was betting on was White Hall Classroom and it turned out to be the right choice. School is winding down here -- this is finals week -- and the campus was nearly dead when I arrived. White Hall is just what it says, a building full of classrooms. You enter the first floor and walk past the rows of classrooms to the corner of the building nearest the Patterson Tower (the tallest building in the area so you can't miss it). There are two entrances to the toilet, both requiring you pass a small maze before entering the toilet, good for cruisers. The toilet isn't big like some I've seen on college campuses. There are 3 stalls and 3 urinals. No peepholes or gloryholes, but all the sex messages on the stall walls makes it clear what can happen here (note to cruisers: leaving notes on stall walls is begging building management to more closely monitor the toilet).

I headed for the center stall. It was totally dead for at least 15 or 20 minutes, not a soul came in. I am sure that is not the case when classes are in session. Of course that just meant that anyone who did show up was probably here for the same reason -- to get off. He came in and took the stall to my left, the one in the far corner. What does he look like? What does he want to do? Damn, my head is rushing and my dick is getting harder just thinking about it. I make it obvious that I'm jacking my dick and he soon does the same. Next thing I know, I see these strong, skinny legs kneeling down on the floor, shoving his hard cock under the stall for me to pleasure. I reach down and start to stroke him, using some spit to help lube him. Red pubes, skinny, strong legs -- this is exactly what I wanted.

I get down on my knees to better wrap my mouth around his cock. It is standing tall and he is moaning as I pleasure him with my tongue and lips. I can hear his breathing rapidly increasing and just like any horned up younger guy, this one can't hold it for long. He pulls away from my mouth and uses his hands to finish himself and his hot college boy load shoots out his cock and onto my face. I go down on him one more time to clean him up and grab a few drops. He then gets up to adjust himself and as he heads out of his stall, I peek at him between the stall crack and see a tall, young red-head geeky type. Glasses, about 6'3", maybe 19. He stops to wash his hands and then walks out the door.

UK in Lexington

UK in Lexington

UK in Lexington

UK in Lexington

UK in Lexington


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Lexington: Blow This Town!

Day seven of my road trip
Lexington, KY: the caliber of men is as good as it gets!

Everytime I've visited Kentucky I came away with this feeling that the caliber of men here was above average. My good friend, Dink Flamingo over at Active Duty, has made this discovery for himself, too, though in a less direct way. Some of the star meat he has featured over the years hailed from Kentucky even though their paths would cross while the Kentucky boy was stationed near Dink, away from the bluegrass state. When I was planning this road trip, I decided to spend no less than 2 weeks in the two biggest cities in the state, Lexington and Louisville, and I have to say it has so far been a very good decision. And I'm just getting started!

This morning things got off to an interesting start when I was awakened to incredibly loud thunder, very bright lightning and some amazing wind. I've been in a tornado before so I know what to expect and for a moment I began plotting what I'd take with me to the bathtub to ride the storm out: laptop, cellphone, wallet, my pants. But as I stood in the window looking at the early morning skies (it was around 7 AM), I didn't see anything resembling rotation in the skies nor did I hear that sound you get when a tornado is approaching. I decided not to go for cover and see what would happen and, thankfully, nothing did happen. Yet it did wake me up bright and early so I was ready to set about doing some exploring of Lexington.

My first stop was the CRUISING for SEX Sex Listings for Lexington where I found several interesting reports of good sex in this town. Today felt like a toilet research day so I headed to Fayette Mall where the 2nd floor toilet at Macy's was supposed to be active. When I arrived, the toilet was empty, clean, and just like our tip had advised, had most helpful reflective tile on the floors. Sitting in a stall you can decipher if the guy next door is stroking himself just from looking at the tiles. It took maybe 30 minutes before someone sat in an adjoining stall, and before then maybe 4 guys had come in to pee and leave. The place is far from dead, but the stall partitions are low enough to make it difficult for someone to know there are 2 guys in a stall if guys use some common sense.

It took only a matter of moments before I could tell my neighbor wasn't just sitting down to take a crap. He had spread his legs so that his left sneaker was easily visible from my angle. More to the point, I could tell he was leaning back on the toilet, stroking a pretty substantial hard-on. Someone came in the toilet with a kid and we waited while they did their thing. When father and son left, I made my move, allowing my right shoe to just barely touch that left sneaker. The guy didn't move and that was my signal so I zipped up and decided to move over to his stall. As I came out of my stall, he was already unlocking his stall door. As I turned the corner, his door was partially opened and he was standing in the far corner with a big hard-on. But then my eyes glanced up and I freaked out. This big dick belonged to a teen boy. Blond, about 6 feet tall and with his shorts down to his ankles he was ready to go. Me, I just turned and fled the toilet. This kid was maybe 15 and even though he was obviously wanting to play and showed no reluctance to let me be the one, I wasn't about to discover the age of consent in this state.

At least I can confirm that action does happen at the Macy's 2nd floor restroom! But this boy is just too much jail-bait for my comfort zone. I remember blowing this guy out at The Windmills in San Francisco years ago and having him whisper in my ear afterwards that he was under-age -- telling me this AFTER we had sex. I remember doing the unthinkable at a cruise spot: yelling at the top of my lungs at the guy, reminding him it wasn't cute to risk my freedom so he could get off. He insisted he wanted this, but I reminded him unfortunately his desires didn't really matter to the courts.

Storm clouds and horned up teens -- we're off to an interesting visit in Lexington.

Macy's in Lexington

Macy's in Lexington


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Pioneer: Sex Under the Cross

Day 5 of my road trip
Pioneer: Rural Tennessee sexcapades.

The drive from Knoxville to Pioneer can be done in less than an hour. It is a beautiful drive (see the picture from my car) with low-lying mountains all around. And then you come around a bend in the road and before you is what is surely one of the more interesting exits along the highway system. Exit 141 for Pioneer, Tennessee -- what will likely grab your attention first is the huge white cross, but then you'll rather soon see the even larger adult bookstore sitting there in the shadows of the cross. Looking beyond you may also notice the abandoned ferris wheel up in the woods.

Take the exit and if you plan to stay overnight proceed to the Comfort Inn which claims to have a collection of memorabilia scattered around the motel numbering at least 500 pieces. You'll find old campaign posters when country music legend Roy Acuff ran for governor. You'll be able to read the front page of the newspaper announcing the death of Elvis Presley. Nearby is an "As Seen on TV" outlet store, a Pilot service station, one of those warehouse-sized fireworks stores, Stuckeys, Perkins for your meals and then of course the reason you stopped: that bookstore. All this just off the interstate in a town that probably has a population tally in the hundreds. This, my friends, is why I love road trips. They're the only way to find places like this, unless of course you're reading my blog.

The thing we came for, Adult World, is down a lonely road that runs along the northbound side of I-75. The place is really big and seems to be comprised of 3 buildings joined together. You enter the center building where you'll find lots of retail space and the clerks behind the counter. If you want to do either of the two theatres, you pay them $11 and they'll buzz you in. One theatre is for couples and I gather this is limited only to opposite sex pairings. The other theatre, at the far end of the large annex to your right as you stand in the center building, is where solo men go. To your left, in another large annex, are the video booths, most of them with gloryholes. I found the theatre boring, though it was entertaining watching some plot-driven straight porn that involved Nixon, Lincoln and Washington fucking some lovely porn starlet in order to save the world.

The arcade with the booths and gloryholes makes this well worth your time. I hadn't been scoping out the booths more than 10 minutes when I had a lovely dick in my mouth. And then another, and then I wrapped things up by giving someone my dick through another gloryhole. The crowd is older, mostly mid-30's to mid-60's, though 4 college age boys stopped by in a car will Illinois plates. Alas, being in a group meant none of them ventured in the far corners to be pleasured. Some of the guys are just not pretty, but enough were hot to make this worth the 2 hours I gave Adult World.

Amazingly a local is also a frequent user of CRUISING for SEX and he has been most helpful in explaining how it is that Pioneer came to have something most cities don't have, a super-sized adult bookstore/arcade/theatre. It is a really interesting story and it all goes back to that huge cross. Apparently for years this exit was nothing but an exit with no business presence. Then a preacher erected a gospel amusement park back in the 70's. To quote my local friend, "He built the building where the bookstore is and it was first a huge flea market on both ends with his church in the middle part (where the main entrance is), hence the huge cross being there. It lasted a few years, closed and the building went up for sale. Next thing you know, it's Adult World." So today the gloryhole infested arcade is where the flea market was and the clerks are in the section that was once a church. It seems like perfection that my first sexual encounters on this road trip were in deep Bible-belt country in a former preacher's flea market!

If there is one thing I've learned over the years in maintaining the Sex Listings at CRUISING for SEX it is this: sex happens in every nook and cranny of our universe and some of the more memorable encounters will be in some really off-the-wall locations. Hence this trip: a summer long search to find those places so you don't have to do all that research yourself!

Pioneer, TN

Pioneer, TN

Pioneer, TN

Pioneer, TN

Pioneer, TN

Pioneer, TN


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Knoxville: What are your stats?

Day 4 of my road trip
Knoxville: Still no sex, but lots of eye candy.

I checked out the stats here at CRUISING for SEX, to see how many registered members live here. When I searched by area code 865 (865 by the way translates to VOL, the name of the university sports teams, The Volunteers) I found 157 members. The youngest member is 18 year-old Augustine08 who says he is looking mostly for cybersex and of his sexual experience, 'just learning ins and outs.' Our oldest Knoxville member is 74 year-old daddyWarren who admits that he is cheating and looking for sex and maybe more. Cruiser kericd wins for number of posts, 36. Our prolific poster is 33, bisexual, says he is a college student and sexual experience is average.

Speaking of being prolific, cruiser CharlieM, a 27 year-old top who is looking for some 3-way action, has posted more pics than anyone else in Knoxville. Check his gallery here:

CharlieM from Knoxville

CharlieM from Knoxville

CharlieM from Knoxville

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