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Cum Rags and Gloryholes

Your Cruisemaster had to take a break yesterday from the rigors of maintaining your own private gloryhole. Monday was frankly exhausting. Seven guys came over Monday between 5pm and 11pm. That follows 4 from Sunday and another 4 on Saturday, plus the guys who came over the first night. It takes some work to get the word out, but I've already got the beginnings of regulars and getting guys here gets easier and easier with each happy cock. Give them what they want and like all good customer service, they'll leave with a positive attitude and a promise to return should the need arise.

The more you do this you begin to see behavioral patterns from many of the men you communicate with. If a guy keeps asking questions you can almost be certain it will never go anywhere. People like gloryholes because they're quick and anonymous. Those who want to know so much will never 'get it' -- pun intended.

I had this one guy who was asking so many questions that I eventually told him I was no longer interested even though he was easily one of the hottest, youngest men who had expressed interest (at least based on his profile). This kid actually pretended he didn't understand the brush-off and announced he was stepping in the shower and would head over in 20 minutes. OK, maybe I can be a little more patient with this one! With cell phone in hand, he set about texting me on the way over. That idiot texted me 4 times on his way over and eventually after getting lost for the 3rd time admitted he had driven right past the street I had said he should turn onto. "The street seemed too busy." I know for a fact he ended up walking up and down my street and yet he was too nervous to walk in and get his cock serviced. Thank god for the ability to block profiles!

Then there are the guys who don't practice good hygiene. I've never been one who finds stinky men exciting. I've almost ended friendships over this issue when I've had friends who refuse to bath more than once every couple weeks. There can be nothing more revolting than having a guy stick his dick near your mouth and all you can gravitate towards is the smell. The one that makes you want to back away, not push forward.

Anyhow, enough gloryhole sob stories for now. How about a cum rag from Colt porn star Todd Maxwell? Gabe has just published the second part of our exclusive photo shoot with porn star Todd Maxwell and that means our third Cum Rag Giveaway is on! The first member to email us at wins the towel Todd uses at the end of these photos to clean all his cum off. We'll mail it off to you ASAP! Be sure when you email us that you include your user name at CFS Porn. Go here for a quick tease of Todd:

Todd Maxwell

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