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New today - October 31st.

Your updates to the Sex Listings, those we received between late Wednesday and this afternoon, are online. I mentioned this last week but want to push it again, you can check us out at Twitter. Keith and I post occasionally throughout the day as new things go online. I'll post portions of Sex Listings updates that catch my attention for whatever reason -- like that. Or, like this:

" the morning I caught a short stocky married man playing with a young Mexican guy in the last stall..."

It sounded good to me!

This was my favorite update from the last couple days, though:

California – Southern Los Angeles: 1350, 510 W. Anaheim Street, Wilmington. Bathhouse with full facilities. This update added October, 2008: "I've stopped in here over the years during the week in the afternoon waiting for the dock workers, warehouse dudes and longshoremen to get off work. All types of blue collar dudes with dicks in all shapes and sizes. The pit with gloryholes is always hot. On a few occasions I have borrowed a stool from one of the booths and placed it in the corner of the gloryhole pit waiting for dick. There are a lot of guys in their forties but they have thick dicks and they get real excited when they see a guy wanting their dick. The sauna can be hot too, especially for water sports."

Opinions on 1350 are all over the place. Some guys think it's awful, then you have updates like this one. But a quick glance at the comments and you can see that it's the same thing that guys either hate or love. Handy.

Happy Halloween, gentlemen. I'm not sure if I'll make it out to the big party tonight here in San Francisco--feeling a bit under the weather yet again (these weather changes really blow!). Let us know what trouble you find in your weekend. Here are your Listings updates...

Sex Listings...

California - Northern Redding, San Francisco, San Jose
California - Southern Los Angeles
Colorado Denver
Connecticut New Britain
Florida Miami
Idaho Pocatello
Illinois Brooklyn, Chicago
Kansas Topeka
Kentucky Franklin
Massachusetts Boston
Michigan Grand Rapids
Missouri Saint Louis
New Mexico Albuquerque, Las Vegas
New York New York City
Ohio Cincinnati
South Carolina North Charleston
Utah Salt Lake City
Virginia Arlington
Washington Bremerton
Wisconsin Milwaukee

Belgium Antwerp


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New today - October 29th.

New Sex Listings and updates from yesterday and today are online. The list of cities is down below, of course.

Not to harp on crime as it relates adult bookstores since I posted about it Monday, but damn. What is up with some of the owners of these places:

District of Columbia Washington: K&B Newsstand, 1004 F Street NW. Bookstore with arcade. This update added October, 2008: "Here's why it's closed now: ‘Walter F. Riggin was charged last week with possession of a destructive device after a Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs inspector visited the K&B News Stand in the 1000 block of F Street NW. The inspector visited on Oct. 2 and allegedly saw 36 stun guns, a knife and brass knuckles for sale at his newsstand. Riggin, of Northwest, is to appear Dec. 11 in D.C. Superior Court.'"

I don't have a link for the news item quoted but it seems from your comments the store is most definitely closed. And it appears this was the last bookstore in DC. Anyone have info to the contrary? I gather it only stayed in existence because of grandfathering considerations in zoning regulations.

From updates to the Sex Listings today:


That's five.

This was one of my favorite updates from the last two days:

Pennsylvania Beaver Falls: Video Hobby Land, 7211 Big Beaver Blvd. Bookstore with arcade. This update added October, 2008: "Can be hit-or-miss, but when it's good it's very good. Last time I was there I went in one of the big booths in the back corner and within two minutes a guy joined me. We kissed for a while before I pulled out his nice thick cock. I was instantly down on my knees, greedily sucking it all in. We took turns sucking each other for a while before I told him I had to have him inside me. He turned me around and bent me over and fucked me nice and hard before dropping a huge load inside me. Then he sucked me off until I came in his mouth. I hope I run into him and his nice cock next time I'm in there. I'm getting hard just thinking about it!"

It pains me to delete things like this new (unedited) tip that came in for the Houston area:

OLD RILEY FUZZEL ROAD PRESERVE &CANOE LAUNCH / SPRING CREEK, 1209 Old Riley Fuzzel. Road, Spring. Cruisy beach and nearby woods. Directions From I-45 Heading North: From I-45, take the Louetta Road exit. Head east on East Louetta Road. Follow East Louetta Road to where it dead-ends under the Hardy Toll Road at Aldine–Westfield Road. Take a Left, heading North on Aldine Westfield until it dead-ends at Riley Fuzzel Road. Take a Right, heading East on Riley Fuzzel Road. Continue under the Hardy Toll Road and across the new bridge at Spring Creek. After crossing the bridge a short distance, on your left, you will see where the old two-lane road merges into the new five-lane road where the new road curves. Take a left onto Old Riley Fuzzel Road. Proceed to the end of Old Riley Fuzzel Road to where the road is completely barricaded. The Preserve entrance is to your right at the gate Directions From The Woodlands: From I-45 take the Rayford Sawdust exit; turn under the freeway and head east on Rayford Road; Follow along Rayford to where it dead-ends at Riley Fuzzel Road. Turn right on Riley Fuzzel Road; continue past entrance to Spring Trails subdivision until you almost get to the new bridge. Shortly before the new bridge, the five-lane road veers to the left. As the road veers, you see where the old two-lane road was located. Turn onto the old two-lane road. Proceed to the end of Old Riley Fuzzel Road to where the road is completely barricaded. The Preserve entrance is to your right at the gate.

But why go there? There is zero information about what kind of action you might find at this location. As I always say, when you're submitting a comment or tip ask yourself if you'd find it helpful. In this case, would you drive all the way to the outskirts of Houston without one word about an experience someone had there? I wouldn't no matter how much cheaper gas is lately.

Part of the coming updates to the Sex Listings will be linking them more closely with their geographic counterpart in the Message Board because if you're looking to hookup at a certain place in the Listings, or have questions about it, or are trying to create a new cruising spot, the Board is the place to do it. The Sex Listings are the permanent for-the-record guidebook for proven cruising grounds. (Well, I use "proven" generously here since I'm certain there are quite a few public AYOR locations in the Listings resulting from one chance meeting a couple guys had. Eventually those weed themselves out.)

Ok. Here's your list of updates.

Sex Listings...


California - Northern San Jose
California - Southern Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, San Diego
Connecticut New Haven, Willimantic
Florida Key West
Georgia Atlanta
Kentucky Harlan, Richmond
Louisiana New Orleans
Nevada Las Vegas
New Jersey Englewood Cliffs, Newark, Palisade Park
New York Long Island, New York City
Oklahoma Quapaw
Oregon Portland, Wilsonville
Pennsylvania Beaver Falls, Stoystown
South Carolina Greenville
Tennessee Dandridge
Texas - Eastern Dallas
Virginia Bristol
Washington DC

England Weymouth (Dorset)
Sweden Stockholm


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New today - October 27th.

Thanks for all the updates to the Sex Listings over the weekend. There were a lot and all are online. Weird that we had no updates for Southern California. Los Angeles is always good for a few every day. Where are you SoCal guys? The roundup of updated cities and regions is below.

I'll get to my pick of Listings updates in a minute but first, holy shit. This was part of a new tip for Big Eye adult bookstore in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s a story from the Albuquerque Journal, which is a subscription-only site but they do offer a free trial pass if you want to check out the full story, which is definitely worth the time. Here’s a bit:

Jury Awards $1.3M in Attack at Big Eye

By Scott Sandlin, Journal Staff Writer
Joshua Montoya must not have heard "The customer is always right," the axiom made famous by the Chicago department store Marshall Field.

In a disagreement with customer Terry Jones at the Big Eye, an adult entertainment business on an I-25 frontage road in Albuquerque, Montoya picked up the baseball bat supplied by his employer, Harris News Inc., and used it with determination.

Jones, who had entered the store with a friend on his way from Denver to Amarillo two years ago, left the Big Eye in an ambulance with a fractured skull and damage to his cerebral cortex that required surgery to correct.

But a state court jury in a trial before District Judge Nan Nash helped Jones feel better. Last week, it awarded him $400,000 in actual damages and $900,000 in punitive damages — $5,000 from Montoya and $895,000 from Harris News.

Jones, 38, of Dallas, said he had been attacked by Montoya, 24, for no reason while he was trying to leave the store. Montoya claimed that Jones was the aggressor and that he used the bat after being rushed by Jones and his friend...

The whole story is worth reading. And I'm glad the clerk and the store got what was coming to them. Might I suggest this is a better way to treat customers? It's also cheaper lawsuit-wise for owners of adult businesses:

Canada - Ontario Toronto Loft 18 Cinemas, 375 Yonge Street. Theatre showing porn. This update added October, 2008: "I had good time there. Was in circle jerk with two other guys, an Asian and a Caucasian in theatre 3. We blew each other and came. There was a terrific movie in theatre 4 too. Double penetration (raw) of a Brazilian dude. I thought the attendant was pretty cool. He came in and spritzed the theatre with Glade."

And no, the S.C. Johnson & Son Company, manufacturers of Glade, is not one of our sponsors. We wish!

And more better times at an adult bookstore. This was one of the better updates from the weekend:

North Carolina Raleigh: Capital Boulevard News Adult Superstore. Bookstore with arcade, theatre. This update from October, 2008: "This place continues to be as sleazy as it ever was and the sex as hot as ever! I just visited on a Wednesday evening around 9 pm. Several of us had a great time with a Hispanic guy who was begging for cock, sucked off several guys and wound up in one of the back corners with me and a couple of other guys taking turns fucking him. Hot! I visited again Thursday afternoon about 5 pm. Hooked up with a guy, we took the action to a booth, got naked, and made out. His cock pressed between my legs where he shot a hot load! Sucked off another guy then got sucked twice by the same hot black guy! In between watched a guy getting a hot blowjob through one of the buddy windows. If you leave this place unfulfilled it's your own fault!"

This was funny, from an unedited new comment:

Layout of the library breaks each floor into 4 "quadrants"...

Well, yes. Quadrant usually suggests four of something. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it means there are four sets of quadrants...but I bet I'm being too generous.

Here's that list of updated Listings. I'm off to a David Sedaris reading tonight. Should be a good time.

Sex Listings...

Arizona Phoenix
Arkansas Jacksonville
California - Northern San Francisco, San Jose
Colorado Denver
Connecticut East Hartford, Wallingford
Florida Fort Lauderdale, Miami
Georgia Atlanta, Duluth, Jeykyll Island, Lula
Illinois Chicago
Kansas Brookville, Hays
Kentucky Lexington
Maryland Laurel
Nebraska Omaha
New Jersey Avenel, Burlington, Hamilton Township
New Mexico Albuquerque
New York Middletown, New York City
North Carolina Raleigh, Wilmington
Ohio Bowling Green, Toledo
Oklahoma Oklahoma City
Oregon Portland
Pennsylvania Harrisburg, Philadelphia
Tennessee Bristol, Chattanooga
South Carolina Columbia
Texas - Eastern Austin
Virginia Waverly
Wisconsin Camp Douglass, Owen

Australia Sydney (New South Wales)
Belgium Antwerp, Brussels
Canada Toronto (Ontario)
England London
Germany Dusseldorf
Mexico Mexico City, Morelia


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New today - October 24th.

The Boys of VeniceA new Old Dirty Movie Review is up today. I love this column. This time it’s William Higgins' classic porn The Boys of Venice. Here's a bit of the review but go read the whole thing. It’s worth it.

Welcome to the greatest scene in The Boys from Venice: Bravos is shown with a young woman entering a crowded disco, and when he and his gal hit the floor they are dancing behind another couple. The male in that twosome is the Prince of 70's porn, the one and only, Kip Noll.

Noll was probably one of the hottest little guttersnipes to ever make a name for himself in the world of adult entertainment. Short, not classically handsome, and cursed with a mouthful of chipped teeth, Noll got by on the fact that he was a white trash sex machine who cleaned up nicely.

Be that as it may, the guys are dancing with their girls to the pulsating disco music...

As Addison, our reviewer, notes this film is the real Boogie Nights.

All your Sex Listings updates from the week are online. And I mean all--at least anything submitted before 6 pm PST (my time). Below is the list of updates I made today. It's sparse but that's because I was up late last night working so this isn't even 24 hours' worth. There's a roundup of new reviews at Cruising for Escorts too. I'm out of here for the weekend. Enjoy yours, gentlemen.

Sex Listings...

California - Southern Los Angeles
Florida Jacksonville, Miami
Georgia Atlanta
Kentucky Franklin
Maryland Baltimore
New Jersey Elizabeth
New York New York City
Pennsylvania Allentown, Slippery Rock
Tennessee Antioch
Texas - Eastern San Antonio
Washington Puyallup

Canada Halifax (Nova Scotia)
England Sleaford (Lincolnshire)
Germany Munich
Netherlands Amsterdam

Cruising For Escorts...

Florida Max (Orlando)
Illinois Andrew Justice (Peoria), more Andrew Justice (Peoria), Taylor (Peoria)
Indiana indyguy694 (Indianapolis)
Kentucky Alex (Louisville)
Nevada Justin (Las Vegas)
Texas Jason Carter (Dallas), Jason Walker (San Antonio)


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New today - October 23rd.

Ok, which one of you is this?

THOMAS TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — Police say a Michigan man has been arrested after "receiving sexual favors from a vacuum" at a car wash...

The cruising scene simply cannot be that desperate in Michigan. But I’ll cut the guys some slack and chalk it up to the bad economy. No doubt you get more time out of a dollar’s worth of quarters at the car wash vacuum than in a booth at a bookstore arcade. Take note bookstore proprietors!

There are more new Sex Listings online the last couple of days, of course. Here are some of my favorites:

Nevada Las Vegas: McCarran Airport Viewing Area. Cruisy parking lot. This update from October, 2008: “I was there last night and the men were amazing; some straight guys with kids, but mostly single guys sitting in there cars cruising and watching the planes land. A hot Latin guy pulled up next to me and we exchanged glances. He got in my car and pulled out the most amazing cock, rock hard. I couldn’t resist going down on it. Within minutes he was blowing his load in my mouth. Hot!"


Indiana Indianapolis Club Indianapolis, 620 N. Capitol Avenue. Bathhouse with full facilities. This update added October, 2008: "I stopped by today (a weekday) while in town on business. Thought there might be some action at lunchtime and there was a good mix but it was not crowded. A few people connected but I watched and waited for the right man. Boy was I glad I did. I first saw my blonde married muscle man in the sauna. We made eye contact and started rubbing. He was shy but quickly got into it. We were interrupted twice, so I suggested we go to my room. As soon as we shut the door we were on each other. We spent ten minutes just kissing and grinding. Then we moved to more passionate licking and sucking. He wanted me to explode on his chest. Who was I to say no? This was one trip I won't soon forget."

Nor will we. Thanks, man!

This is well said and though I can appreciate the store is trying to catch a thief, I totally agree that it’s creepy:

Georgia Atlanta: Lollipop Adult Treats, 3165 Roswell Road, Buckhead. Bookstore with arcade. This update added October, 2008: "‘Heads up’ on this place. I received a call from the Atlanta police this week because I happened to be there when the place experienced an armed robbery! I wasn’t accused of anything. They just wanted to know if I’d seen anything strange while I was there. Because I was in the booth, I didnt. However, I wonder how/why I was contacted in the first place. Turns out that the security tape from the store picks up inside and outside the store. They got the tag from my car and tracked me that way. That freaks me out! So just a ‘heads up’. It’s one thing to have security, I understand that, but if they can access the tapes of the cameras (who knows how far back) and the police have access to them who else does? How are they secured? When I asked directly I was told signs state the area is being monitored (no problem with that). But they don’s say the information was archived and that my identity isn’t being protected. I know we all take risks going in these places in the first place but come on! Big Brother is watching. It’s never hit so close to home for me. I won’t be going back." Heads Up!


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New today - October 21st.

I have a lot of new Sex Listings online today. You may have noticed on the home page we’re doing the Twitter thing. Part of the posts are updates to the Listings that catch my eye as I edit throughout the day. You can sign up and be a "follower."

This is my favorite Listings update from today:

Pennsylvania Bentleyville: Kammerer Bookstore. Bookstore with arcade. This update from October, 2008: "Stopped here with my boss on the way home from a three-day plumbing job in Ohio. He said he was going to use the bathroom. I know what goes on there because I've been there. (No public bathroom.) Found him in a back booth with his pants down with his back to the door, one guy sucking his dick and another guy behind him with his nose up his butt. He sat down and the guy sucking, young dark-haired guy, went at it until he said, ‘I'm good.’ Next, a sixty-ish bald guy sucked him for awhile. Number three: a thirty-ish blond crew cut, blew him until he looked like he was going to shoot. But my boss stopped him when a guy he seemed to know leaned into the booth. After a little small talk (‘How's the wife?’) he got down on his knees and made him cum twice within fifteen minutes. Never said a word when he met me in the truck."

Or this comment for the same store:

I've been here many, many times and always seem to find some fun. One guy fucked my ass for a long, long time then came all over my face. I walked out with the cum still on my face.


And this one:

North Carolina Garner: Truck stop, at I-40 and Jones Sausage Road. Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods. This update added October, 2008: "Truckers pull in and sometimes you can get lucky. Other truckers can be mean so be careful. Any time is good, early or later, just depends on traffic flow."

Jones Sausage Road? I’m sure there’s a story or reason. But you know, WTF?

From time to time I share some of the editing philosophy (I use that word generously, I know), why we try to make the Sex Listings very readable. Today is example #1,251,653 of why we edit before they go live and online:


Easy on the eyes? No. Coherent? Borderline. And given that, useful and informative to guys wondering what they may find at this location? Not so much. The tone of it, and the three other comments submitted within days of each other that were also shrieking about ‘that fat, dumb, inbred bitch manager’, makes me think this is mostly a spat between a single customer and management. It’s entirely possible other patrons have problems with management at this bookstore and I’ll publish those comments if they seem, you know, rational and aren’t too overloaded with irrelevant personal invective -- which is not to say that I don’t like to see personality and color in comments but there’s a limit when it comes to insulting an identifiable individual unless that person is bashing, etc.

Oh, and all-caps comments just piss everyone off. Do yourself a favor and don’t use all-caps when communicating online. The overwhelming majority of people disregard or laugh at you.

Another editing insight, and one I’ve shared before, I generally can’t publish something like this even though it sounds pretty hot:

I sucked off the Latino janitor here today.

It’s a small bookstore so there’s not likely a legion of Latino janitors and this guy could be easily ID’d by his boss. We don’t want to get anyone fired.

Last editing insight, this is not useful or helpful:

There are a lot of undercover cops here.

Unless someone explains why they think this is true it’s of absolutely no use to other cruisers. I won’t go into much detail about what I consider when deciding to flag something as a ‘Heads up' since I don’t want any haters gaming it and unnecessarily scaring off cruisers from a location. But when you guys submit these things think if you were reading it with no knowledge of the location, let alone law enforcement activity, would what you’re writing be helpful or just sound vague and/or paranoid?

I don't mention these things to gripe or bitch. My point is to try and encourage comments and contributions to the Sex Listings that are going to make them as useful as possible. We want your unvarnished opinions but try and always ask yourself if what you're submitting is going to help a guy out. So help a guy out.


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New today - October 17th.

New Sex Listings are up but I'm only part way through this week's new submissions for the United States. You can tell from my list below, which thins out as the alphabet ends. I'm sure I'll have time this weekend to get through the rest.

This was a new, unedited comment for a Southern California Sex Listing. Not to be the PC police but...

When I left a young hot spic was coming in.

You know, if you think he's hot enough to fuck then have enough respect to not use a derogatory term. Unless of course you know the person and that they get off on verbal humiliation. If that's the case then go for it. I myself have used that very term while rough-fucking an ex but it was a situation where I knew ahead of time it wouldn't be a problem. Of course if I ever called him that outside of a rough fuck I probably would have been slapped upside the head -- and would have deserved it. Anyway, I changed "spic" to Latino.

Here's one that amused me...

California – Southern Los Angeles: Tiki Theatre, 5462 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood. Theatre showing porn. This update added October, 2008: “I decided to check this place out one Wednesday night around 1 am and man oh man did it suck. Around 2:45 am two cute Latinos came in and all the old and nasty trolls were on them like white on rice. The sad thing is the cute guys actually let these no-teeth, crackhead, tweaker-looking, homeless men suck them off. There were about eleven guys in the place and six of them were smoking meth and crack like there was no tomorrow. You have better luck outside. I went outside and waited near the alley next to the club and several cute Latino guys walked by and hooked up right in front of me. I decided to push my luck and gave my ‘I want to suck you’ look to cars passing by and sure enough some hot Latino guy saw me and went around the back and pulled up through the alley in his car. He got out and started pretending to smoke a cigarette and I went over and we walked behind his car where I gave him a good blowjob -- right in the parking lot in the back of the theater. Why waste $12 to go in this dump when you can simply stand out near the alley to get laid. If you do decide to go in wait at the bus stop and see who goes in first and if you do go in behind them you must sit by them quickly or some troll will end up with your hot blowjob.”

I really, really want to see that look. And how does it differ from a "I want you to fuck me" look? I suppose it doesn't matter. Standing in the alley at night by an adult bookstore really doesn't require a specific look to let people know what's on your mind.

And this one simply sounded hot...

California - Southern Los Angeles: Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, 15501 Arrow Highway, Irwindale. Cruisy park. This update added October, 2008: "Lot of families but I saw a few cruisers, too. I was down there today and saw a man with his wife and three kids. He went walking and I followed. Near a bush-laden area I walked in, he saw and followed me in. He pretended he was just walking but when I caught up to him he was rubbing his crotch. Soon I was blowing this guy for all I was worth. He blew all over the front of my shirt! I had nothing to clean it off with so I had to take it off to walk back to my car."

Here are the Sex Listings updated this week. Have a great weekend, gentlemen. I'll be spending part of mine with my face buried in gorgeous hairy know how the smell of a man catches in the hair right in the middle of his chest?...sure you do...that's my weekend.

Sex Listings...

Arizona Phoenix, Yuma
California - Northern Monterey, Redding, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose
California - Southern Boron, Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, San Diego
Colorado Denver, Fountain
Connecticut Bridgeport, East Hartford, Hartford, Meridien, Willimantic
Delaware North Wilmington
Florida Jacksonville, Key West, Miami, New Smyrna Beach, Orlando, Palm Beach County
Georgia Acworth
Illinois Chicago
Louisiana Hammond
Maine Oxford
Massachusetts Devens
Nebraska Lincoln
New Jersey Asbury Park
New York New York City
Oklahoma Arkoma, Oklahoma City, Tulsa
Pennsylvania Edgemont
Puerto Rico San Juan
Virginia Lynchburg
Washington DC

Argentina Buenos Aires
Aruba Orangestad
Canada Toronto (Ontario)
France Paris


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New today - October 10th.

All new Sex Listings from the week and last weekend are online. These three were my picks for best. The whole list of updated Listings comes right after. Have a good weekend, gentlemen...

Pennsylvania Philadelphia: Franklin Mills Mall, on Knights Road. Cruisy toilet Jillian's. This update added October, 2008: "Very hit-or-miss but when it hits, wow! There's a skate park and the new 'Army Experience Center' located close by which has increased traffic and the diversity of guys. Great setup with plenty of warning. I've taken multiple cocks and loads lying on my back in the handicapped stall, from a variety of guys that include young twinks to hung daddies. It’s busiest on weekend afternoons."

Colorado Denver: Midtowne Spa, 2935 Zuni Street. Bathhouse with full facilities. This update added October, 2008: "Awesome. I was all cleaned up and arrived around 1 pm on a Friday. Getting a room was easy. I was cruised by three guys. The first stud was a muscular Latino who fucked me with a nine-inch cock. He was dripping from me when I sucked a blue collar guy who fed me his load. Before I left an older muscular guy fucked me so hard I walked funny for a week. I took all of his load, too. Definitely going back."

New York Utica: Roscoe Conkling Park, on Oneida Street. Cruisy park. This update added October, 2008: "This does seem to be the place for getting your ass fucked. I take a load up my ass every time I'm here, including yesterday from a guy with a short cock but a giant mushroom head on it. He laid me down on his jacket, got his arms behind my knees, lifted my ass off the ground and pumped the shit out of me."

Sex Listings...

Alabama Birmingham, Montgomery
Arizona Phoenix, Sedona
Arkansas North Little Rock
California - Northern Sacramento, San Francisco
California - Southern Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties, San Diego
Colorado Denver
Connecticut Bridgeport, Middletown, Waterbury
Florida Fort Lauderdale, Holly Hill, Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay
Georgia Atlanta, Ellijay
Hawaii Honolulu
Illinois Chicago
Indiana Indianapolis
Iowa Council Bluffs
Kentucky Lexington
Maryland Baltimore, Beltsville, Chevy Chase, Gem Burnie
Massachusetts Boston, Cape Cod
Michigan Detroit, Marshall
Missouri Saint Louis, Springfield
Mississippi Hattiesburg
Nevada Las Vegas
New Hampshire Meredith
New Jersey Denville, Newark, Passaic, West Milford
New York Kingston, New York City, Niagara Falls, Randolph
North Carolina Asheville, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, High Point, Raleigh, Wilmington
Ohio Columbus, Kettering, Lyons, Waynesville
Oklahoma Tulsa
Pennsylvania Bentleyville, Hanover, Kirby, Lewisberry, Philadelphia, Wilkes-Barre
Rhode Island Exter, North Kingstown
South Carolina Walterboro
Tennessee Bristol, Nashville, Smyrna
Texas - Eastern Houston
Utah Ogden
Vermont Barre
Virginia Waverly
Washington DC
West Virginia Berkeley Springs, Clarkburg, Marshall, Martinsburg, Morgantown, Wheeling
Wisconsin East Troy, Madison

Australia Sydney (New South Wales)
England London
Hungary Budapest
India Ahmedabad
Ireland Dublin
Japan Tokyo
Panama Panama City
Turkey Istanbul


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New today - October 3rd.

Your updates to the Sex Listings from the week are online. This was the pick of the litter...

Arizona Phoenix: Adult Shoppe (aka Holly Bookstore), 2345 W. Holly Street. Bookstore with arcade, theatre. This update added September, 2008: "I went around 10 pm last night to see what kind of action there was. Three hot Mexican guys were there. I sucked two of them off at the same time, then the third one followed me to my car and we went to his place and he fucked me. Very hot."


Mike MikeMike is new to Free Porn today. He's forty-two years old and I really don't know what to say about Mike. If he smiled and offered to buy me a beer I'd feel like I won the lottery. Go see all of Mike's tattoos in Free Porn.

Sex Listings...

Arizona Phoenix
California - Northern San Francisco
California - Southern Los Angeles, Orange County
Colorado Denver, Larkspur
Connecticut Suffield
Florida Amelia Island, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Pensacola Beach
Georgia Atlanta, Woodstock
Illinois Chicago
Indiana South Bend
Iowa Council Bluffs
Kansas Garden City, Wichita
Louisiana New Orleans
Maryland Beltsville
Massachusetts Charlemont
Michigan Detroit, Ludington
Missouri Saint Louis
Nebraska Omaha
New York New York City
Pennsylvania King of Prussia
Rhode Island Providence
Texas - Eastern Tyler
Utah Midvale
Washington Bellingham, Yakima
West Virginia Mineral Wells

Canada Alberta: Airdrie, Calgary, Edmonton; British Columbia: Vancouver, Victoria; Quebec: Drummondville

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