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Don't Unzip Too Often in The Toilet!

If this didn't involve a real man's life it could be comical. A man arrested in November 2007 in a toilet at a Daytona Beach Sears must go on trial following a ruling by the Fifth District Court of Appeal that overturned a previous ruling by a judge to disallow testimony from the arresting cop. That original ruling had said the cop had invaded the Cruisers privacy by peering into a bathroom stall. The explanation offered by the Appeals Court was that the arrested Cruiser had lost his expectations of privacy when he coughed, breathed heavily, played with his zipper and tapped his foot. The lesson to be learned: don't cough, zip your fly, or tap your foot while in a public toilet. Otherwise, you risk jail, fines and sex offender listing. Cruisers beware!

Imagine that merely moving your zipper up or down while in a public toilet is enough reason to allow an undercover cop to look into your stall, then haul you out and arrest you for, well, for what? Unzipping your fly in a toilet? The article I've read doesn't mention if the arrested guy exposed himself (heaven forbid you should expose genitals in a toilet) or propositioned the cop which surely is a crime, asking another adult to have sex with you?

Meanwhile, we continue to see stories and features in the media about the pleasures of public sex for straight people. You can see some recent examples here including the Philadelphia Weekly piece encouraging straight men and women "'to Betsy Ross' [which] means having sex on the American flag. As in, 'I Betsy Rossed my girlfriend at the Betsy Ross House.'” Another is to read the piece at the New York Times-owned About website where straight couples are encouraged to consider public sex to keep their sex lives exciting.

The gay establishment has essentially abandoned men who cruise for sex, but I would argue that you can't abandon these men if you want to rid society of homophobia. It is clear from any rational observation there are differing standards for public sex as it pertains to a man and a woman having consensual sex and 2 equally consenting men engaged in public sex. For men, merely tapping your foot or unzipping your fly in a public toilet can get you in situations that a straight person has no fear of enduring. The last great bastion of allowable homophobia is in the realm of how we treat public sex in the legal and justice system. If we truly intend to make homophobia unacceptable in our society then this issue must be confronted by the gay establishment with the same degree of determination accorded struggles to banish homophobia from the workplace, marriage, and adoption.

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